1000 Horsepower Mazdaspeed3 by SpeedP6rformanc3

One Thousand Wheel Horsepower.  A figure that may get lost in the realm of 2500 HP GT-Rs and Lamborghinis but is still a feat of it’s own.  COBB Protuner, Speed Perf6rmanc3, has recently completed a Mazdaspeed3 build that lays down just over 1000 WHP and nearly 700 WTQ.


The heart of this build is largely made up of parts that are available for purchase right off the shelf at Speed Perf6rmanc3.  Here is a quick run down of the overall setup:

  • SP63 Stage 3 Long Block
  • SP63 Stage 2 Head work
  • SP63 Stage 3 Camshafts
  • SP63 Stage 3 Fuel System
  • HTP 4.5″ Intake
  • JMF Dual Injector Manifold
  • 16w Top Mount Exhaust Manifold
  • PTE6870 Gen 2 Turbocharger
  • COBB Accessport V3 Protuned by Tuned By Nishan

With that much power on tap, we have high hopes for some deep 9 second passes once tracks open up in 2017.

Brandon Lindquist on October 12, 2017 says:

What parts are not available to buy? And could I get links to the products I can buy?

    Marshall on October 13, 2017 says:

    Most of the parts are available for purchase right from the SpeedP6rformanc3 website. I would recommend sending them an email to see if any additional super secret sauce was added to this build.