2010-2014 Volkswagen GTI Accessport and Stage Power Packages



The time has finally come!  We are extremely excited to announce the immediate availability of our Volkswagen Accessport, Off The Shelf Maps, and Staged Power Packages for the Mk6 Volkswagen GTI!  A complete list of currently supported vehicles is below.


COBB Accessport for 2010-2014 Mk6 GTI

The Accessport provides handheld DME flashing that you can do in any location at anytime. The Accessport comes pre-installed with Stage 1, Stage 1+, and Stage 2 Off-The-Shelf (OTS) maps for a straightforward modification power path. Any new map updates are a free download on your home computer using Accessport Manager (available for Windows and OSX). Leave the AP plugged-in to your OBDII port to see live monitors and ensure your car is running as expected. Take a datalog with the fastest logging rates available to review the information later. Or, you can even leave the Accessport in your glovebox for when you need it. Need to remove the Accessport? No problem! Select the Uninstall option from the main menu and your return your car to factory DME programming.

Staged Power Packages

We are very excited to join an enthusiast culture where Off The Shelf maps are the norm. We understand that hundreds of hours go into this R&D process and we share the same pride in making our own OTS maps. All of our Staged OTS maps are included for free on the Accessport and any updates are a free download on your home computer, then easily installed on your vehicle using the Accessport, no dealer trip required. OTS maps are a great way to follow a proven upgrade path using tested and known parts.

Stage 1 Power Package

The Accessport V3 is the world’s best selling, most flexible ECU upgrade solution. Unlock power hidden within the vehicle by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations. Upgrade forever with off-the-shelf (OTS) calibrations for most bolt-on modifications.  It’s the last engine management solution you’ll ever need.  The Stage 1 Power Package will include the Accessport and a COBB High Flow Filter for the stock airbox.

6V1X01_main AP3-VLK-001_gallery_01

Stage 1+ Power Package

Upgrading the intake on a turbocharged vehicle helps to decrease pre-turbo vacuum.  When a restriction is opened up, it allows the engine to produce additional power while under less stress.  Want the world’s best selling, most flexible ECU upgrade solution along with COBB’s Intake System to increase air flow? Start here, down the modifying road with the best bang for your buck by treating your vehicle to parts that will increase your power and improve overall driveability. The Stage 1+ Power Package includes an Accessport V3 and COBB Volkswagen Big SF Intake System.

6V1X01P_main 7V1100_gallery_01

Stage 2 Power Package

The Stage 2 Power Package will completely change the attitude of your  Mk6 GTI.  Replacing the factory intake and exhaust frees up a great deal of airflow.  That additional airflow contributes to a significant bump in power over the Stage 1 Power Package.  The Stage 2 Power Package includes an Accessport V3, Volkswagen Big SF Intake System, Turboback Exhaust and the COBB Vehicle Badge.

6V1X02_main 5V1300_gallery_01



Staged Power Package – Power Gains

Power gains are represented by percent gains over stock.  Peak gains are measured as the difference between the highest points of the two plots.  Largest gains are measured as the largest gain at any single point between the two plots.  For additional information regarding Off The Shelf Maps, visit our Map Notes Page.

GTI Plot
Map Peak Gains Largest Gain
Stage 1 93 +12.8% HP+18.6% TQ +17.1% HP @ 4900 RPM+22.2% TQ @ 4000 RPM
Stage 1 High BoostStage 1+SF 93 +13.2% HP+24.7% TQ +28.2% HP @4300 RPM+23.3% TQ @ 4300 RPM
Stage 2 93 +27.1% HP+29.2% TQ +34% HP @ 4600 RPM+35% TQ @4000 RPM

COBB Accesstuner for Volkswagen


Ready to push the car a little harder? Have modifications done outside of a typical OTS map? We couldn’t be any happier to let you know there is finally a solution: Accesstuner. A Protuner in our worldwide network can create a custom map for your exact car, your exact fuel, your exact climate, your exact modifications, and your exact driving style. Full control of the DME using OEM tuning tables and OEM tuning strategies melded with COBB Custom Features for the ultimate VW tuning solution.

Find your nearest Protuner by using our online Dealer Locator.

Future Volkswagen Vehicle Support

For now we are excited to announce support for the MK6 VW GTI (2010 – 2014).  Next, we will be working on support for the MK7 GTI (2015 – current), then DSG tuning, followed by additional vehicle support. We will also be adding COBB Custom Features along the way such as brake boosting, custom launch control, and more.  Let us know what you want and we can see if it’s possible!  For feature requests, additional vehicle support, or really anything you can think of – just shoot us an email at [email protected] or submit a support request via our website Support section.

37 responses to “2010-2014 Volkswagen GTI Accessport and Stage Power Packages”

    • Hey Mark! We plan to offer Accessport support and hard parts for both the Mk6 and Mk7 Golf R in the future! – Marshall

  1. Been hearing great things about the COBB Tuning for the Mk6 GTi’s. I currently own a 2015 VW CC 2.0T 6spd….wanted to see if you all have a tune in works.

    • Hey Ian! We do have plans to offer support for additional VWs in the future however I do not have any sort of time frame for that. Stay tuned in, as we’ll definitely make announcements when new vehicle support is available!

      [email protected]

  2. Hello Marshall! What is your current time-frame for releasing the launch control/limiter and flat foot shifting features, as well as the racetuner software? Thanks!

    • Hey Aaron, unfortunately I don’t have anything too specific for either of those items quite yet. Our current top priority for Volkswagen is Mk7 GTi support. Once that is complete we may be able to focus more on the custom features that are found on our other platforms.

      [email protected]

  3. Went to check out the Golf R and Focus RS today. I know the RS is a better car but the Golf R just looks so cool. I hope you start offering products for the Golf R because that’s what I am leaning towards and I like Cobb and Cobb product much more then APR.

    • Hey Nathan! We actually hope to have support for both the Golf R and Focus RS by the end of this year. Both are indeed great cars and seemingly have gobs of potential for a nice bump in power. We’ll have some more information once we’ve taken delivery of our Focus RS and get a bit further along with Golf R development!

      [email protected]

    • We are looking into the possibility of offering OTS maps for an upgraded turbocharger. One of our shop cars is currently configured with a K04, we’ll hopefully have more information on that front in the coming months!

      [email protected]

  4. The 2010-2014 GTI have the 2.0T TSI motor. I have a 2006 Audi A3 6spd 2.0T FSI. The current selection for tunes are horrible. I love the accessport and if you made on for the FSI motor you would steal APR’s business in the tuning market for VAG-COM cars. Can you please please please make an accessport for earlier model VAG cars!!!!!!!!!!

    • We are definitely considering releasing additional vehicle support moving forward. Once we have completed current projects we can absolutely look into adding support for vehicles that carry over from already added support.

      [email protected]

  5. Hi,

    Will this work for a 2009 Audi A3 with the TFSI 2.0T engine?

    Can you recommend a tuner in the Toronto (Ontario) area?


  6. I just got an accessport for my Mk6 and its reading 2012 yet I have a 2011, should I be concerned?

    • Hey Daniel, your car was likely either built late in the model year or updated by a dealer/shop previously causing it to identify as a MY2012. Nothing to be concerned about.

      [email protected]

  7. Will there be anything for the jetta GLI in terms of accessport or since I have a 2012 VW jetta GLI will the GTI accessport work?

  8. I’ve been looking for a tune that has runner flap motor delete for a mk6 gti. I am running an integrated engineering intake manifold and have a check engine light because it the after market one doesn’t have runner flaps or the motor. Does Cobb have a custom map with RFD delete? Also my GTI is currently APR Stage 2+.

    • Hey Rafael, we essentially have full control over the factory ECU. While the our Off The Shelf Maps will not be compatible with that configuration, an Authorized Protuner using Accesstuner Pro would be able to create a custom calibration to suit your needs.

      [email protected]

      • I finally got my Access Port today! I already spoke to what I want to do with a ProTuner (ACI Dynamix). After I finish a Stage 3 clutch install and break in, I will be getting it protuned and I really can’t wait. So far I’m totally impressed with you guys. The support is second to none. Keep it up and release more maps!

  9. Is a manual transmission V3 AP compatible with my 2011 MK6 DSG transmission GTI? Can it be made compatible via firmware update or anything?

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