2nd Gen Mazdaspeed3 Extended RPM Tables

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Why and How?

Do you need to rev your 2nd generation Mazdaspeed3 way past the stock rev limiter? ….of course you do!

The basic nature of tuning revolves around the idea of intentionally making your car do things the manufacturer decided not to do. Every single car in the world has a rev limiter that the OEM doesn’t want you to go beyond. At a certain point, if you want to go faster and make more power, you need more RPM. The numerous factory tables that are modeled around a specific RPM range not only don’t exist beyond a specific value, they also need to be scaled accurately once extended.

We are extremely proud to announce that we have solved both of those limitations for the second generation Mazdaspeed3/MPS via the Accessport! A long list of tables that control ignition timing, fueling, and boost have now been extended within the Accesstuner Pro HL custom tuning software to provide calibration range all the way to 10k RPM!

Applicable Vehicles:

All USDM and World Market Send Generation 2010-2013 Mazdaspeed3/MPS Vehicles.


Before After
10ms3-boost_targets_before whie space 10ms3-boost_targets_10k

Other examples of extended tables:

2020-04-07 09_15_55-Accesstuner Pro HL 3.0.1+16765.18006 (Developer Michael Sessions) WM 2009-2012 M whie space 2020-04-07 09_15_41-Accesstuner Pro HL 3.0.1+16765.18006 (Developer Michael Sessions) WM 2009-2012 M

There are a few important details displayed above that exist in all of the updated tables (listed below) and are worth pointing out.

We did not simply re-scale the existing columns within the OEM tables. You will notice that everything in the cells from 0-7000 RPM are unchanged. By making all-new custom tables that add in additional columns on the end of the table versus simply “stretching” the range of the stock table axis, we are able to maintain the same resolution as before. Meaning that the car behaves exactly the same below 7k while gaining all the benefits found from tuning beyond that RPM. Plus, it also means that if you already have a custom tune, your ProTuner does not have to start over from scratch to make use of the extended range. The exact same tune you currently use can quickly be duplicated and only the additional cells beyond 7k will need to be tuned. Which saves your tuner time and saves you money!

All of the modified tables:

  • Boost Limits – Fuel Cut
  • Boost Targets
  • Calc. Load Max A
  • Calc. Load Max B
  • Engine Volumetric Efficiency (VE) (BETA)
  • Engine Volumetric Efficiency (VE) – VVT Comp. (BETA)
  • Throttle – Req. Load – 1st Gear (High BAT)
  • Throttle – Req. Load – 1st Gear (Norm BAT)
  • Throttle – Req. Load – 2nd Gear (High BAT)
  • Throttle – Req. Load – 2nd Gear (Norm BAT)
  • Throttle – Req. Load – 3rd Gear (High BAT)
  • Throttle – Req. Load – 3rd Gear (Norm BAT)
  • Throttle – Req. Load – 4th Gear (High BAT)
  • Throttle – Req. Load – 4th Gear (Norm BAT)
whie space  

  • Throttle – Req. Load – 5th Gear (High BAT)
  • Throttle – Req. Load – 5th Gear (Norm BAT)
  • Throttle – Req. Load – 6th Gear (High BAT)
  • Throttle – Req. Load – 6th Gear (Norm BAT)
  • Throttle – Req. Load – Max A
  • Throttle – Requested Load – Baro vs. RPM
  • Throttle – Requested Load A
  • Throttle – Requested Load B
  • Throttle – Requested Load C
  • Wastegate Dynamics:
    • Boost Threshold for Baro Multiplier (Load Based)
  • Wastegate Tables:
    • WG Duty Cycles

Who does this benefit?

Naturally, the folks with heavily built engines and big turbos that are already pushing the limits of the car will be the most excited for this update, but you don’t have to drive a monster build to reap the rewards. Not everyone needs to or even should try and rev the engine up to the 10k range but even modest builds with stock location turbo upgrades and mild headwork will gain significant top-end performance with the ability to tune these tables beyond 7000 RPM.

over 7000


Bonus Features

A bit of icing on the 10k cake is the expanded Launch Control and Flat Foot shifting ranges. Those features gained additional RPM as well. Once again, we certainly don’t recommend that everyone tries to launch or shift their car at a crazy high RPM, but there are a few who might and plenty of others that will make good use of just a few more hundred RPM while chasing those personal best times and MPH. Either way, now the only thing holding you back is your right foot…and maybe your wallet.

screenshot1 whie space screenshot2

Please contact one of our excellent certified Mazdaspeed Protuners to inquire about making use of this awesome new update!

15 responses to “2nd Gen Mazdaspeed3 Extended RPM Tables”

  1. So what about the people that are not protuners, the ones that paid to go through the class and get a copy of ATR? We’re not getting it? We have to have a protuner license?

    • For now, that is correct. We do not currently intend to extend this feature-set to the end-user Accesstuner software.


    • There are some specific hurdles to implement this on the Gen1 ECU. It -should- be possible, but we don’t have an ETA at the moment.


    • The short answer is that Gen2 was ready, so we released it. Gen1 is still possible but there are some separate roadblocks. So still TBD, no promises either way at this point.

  2. I have a built mazdaspeed 6 and built my head for up to 8k rpms. Are you working on extending this for all the gen 1 speed 3/6 guys? Please tell me yes lol

    • MS6 is a separate project from the 3, so can’t make any promises on that one.

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