AccessPORT and AccessTUNER Support for 2010 EDM Vspec GT-R

COBB Tuning is happy to announce AccessPORT support the the 2010 EDM Vspec Nissan GT-R. This update brings European Vspec GT-R enthusiasts the added performance and ease of use of the COBB Tuning AccessPORT. The AccessPORT for the 2010 EDM Vspec is available in both GT-R AccessPORT part numbers: AP-NIS-005 and AP-NIS-006 with TCM control.

Off the Shelf mapping is included with this update and these maps will be automatically installed on your AccessPORT upon updating to the most recent firmware version. Maps can also be downloaded from the GT-R Calibration Page. For more details visit the GT-R map notes page or Firmware Release Notes for AP-NIS-005 or AP-NIS-006.

In addition, 3 new maps for the 2010 Gulf-spec, Vspec GT-R have also been added. Valet Mode, Anti-theft and Stage1 91 Octane or 95 RON are now available for these vehicles via this firmware update or from the GT-R Calibration page.

To update your AccessPORT to firmware, simply open the AccessPORT Manager application, connect your AccessPORT to your computer via the supplied USB cable, navigate to the “Options” menu and then select “Check for BETA Firmware”. Then click on the “Updates” menu icon and follow the on-screen prompts. These new features will be installed automatically. If you do not have AccessPORT Manager, you can find the download link for your free copy on our Support Page.

AccessTUNER Pro and AccessTUNER Race have also been updated to add EDM Vspec compatibility. To use AccessTUNER on your 2010 EDM Vspec simply download AccessTUNER version or later.  AccessTUNER Race is available for download for $695. To acquire AccessTUNER Race software, visit the Nissan GT-R AccessTUNER Race Request Form. A COBB Tuning Representative will contact those that submit the form to complete the transaction. AccessTUNER Race software is built to function with a single AccessPORT, and once the software build is complete, a link will be emailed to the customer to download their unique version of the software within 24 hours of payment.

For more information on AccessPORT support for your Nissan GT-R, visit our website at COBB, visit the COBB Tuning Forums or call us at 1-866-922-3059. To join on the COBB Tuning conversation, head over to our COBB Tuning Facebook page and click the LIKE button to stay plugged in, or follow us on Twitter!

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