AccessPORT and AccessTUNER Updates and Bug Fixes for 2011 MS3

A firmware update and new calibrations are available for 2011 MAZDASPEED3 vehicles experiencing CEL code issues with the recent BETA Firmware Update This update only affects 2011 MS3 vehicles. You may choose to update to the latest beta releases of AccessPORT firmware and AccessTUNER Race software, or revert to the earlier versions of firmware and software.

BETA Firmware Update

A new BETA firmware release, version,  is now available to address these issues. A bug in the fast datalogging patch will cause all BTv102 maps to throw a P2610 code and as well as other codes. All 2011 MS3 users should update to calibration version BTv102a to avoid further CEL code issues. This new firmware update includes new calibrations as well as updated coding to address this issue.

The AccessPORT must be UNINSTALLED and Reinstalled in order for the new maps to be visible on the AccessPORT. All BTv102a maps can also be found for download on the COBB Forums.

To obtain this AccessPORT firmware update, simply open the AccessPORT Manager application, connect your AccessPORT to your computer via the supplied USB cable, navigate to the “Options” menu and then select “Check for BETA Firmware”. Then click on the “Updates” menu icon and follow the on-screen prompts. These new features will be installed automatically. If you do not have AccessPORT Manager, you can find the download link for your free copy on our Support Page.

AccessTUNER Race “Fix” Update

AccessTUNER Race has also been revised to address this issue. Those using AccessTUNER Race must update to ATR version  to obtain these changes. All maps made or updated with the previous version of AccessTUNER Race will need to be reopened, reconfigured and saved with the latest version of AccessTUNER. Users may also revert to an earlier version of AccessTUNER by unchecking the BETA version box and updating as normal.

These new features are only available with the new BETA version of AccessTUNER. If you already have AccessTUNER, simply update to the latest BETA version by going to the “Help” Screen, selecting the “Check for BETA version” and then selecting the “Update” option. AccessTUNER can also be downloaded for free by filling out the online AccessTUNER Race Request Form.

Uninstalling BETA Firmware and Mapping

If you wish to revert a current BETA calibration to the older BTv101 mapping, Please follow these instructions. These instructions must be completed in their entirety or the conversion will not be successful.

Current BETA maps can be reverted to an earlier version by opening and saving the current version maps with an previous “release” version of AccessTUNER to re-generate v101 style mapping.

  • Step 1: To revert to previous final release of AccessTUNER Race, navigate to the ‘Help’ tab > ‘Updates’ > ‘Check for Updates’ > Uncheck “Beta Software” box > ‘Get Updates’ > Verify version number.

  • Step 2: To convert the calibration to a previous non-BETA release version, open the map to be converted in the non-BETA version of AccessTUNER. Prior to re-saving the map, it is critical that users go to “Options” –> “Display” and make sure “Keep Non-Table Data” option is unchecked. Once this is done re-save map.

  • Step 3: Flash the converted map to your car. Step 2 and 3 must be repeated for every map you wish to convert and use on your vehicle. This process only needs to be performed if you wish to use non-BETA calibrations.

To update your current BETA AccessTUNER created maps Using or newer, load a map, go to ‘Edit’ > ‘Configure Options’ > ‘Display’ Tab and make sure the “Keep Non-Table Data” check box is unchecked. Next re-save your map then flash the fixed map to your car.

More information regarding all of these updates can be found in the MAZDASPEED AccessPORT Firmware Release Notes and the MAZDASPEED AccessTUNER Software Release Notes.

For more information on how the AccessPORT can improve your MAZDASPEED experience, please visit our Product Information Page, visit the COBB Tuning Forums or call us at 866-922-3059. To join in on the COBB Tuning conversation, head over to our COBB Tuning Facebook page and click the LIKE button to stay plugged in, or follow us on Twitter.

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