Accesstuner Pro Custom Tuning for 2022 Subaru WRX 6MT

Accesstuner Pro for 2022 WRX 6MT

Custom tuning for the 2022 Subaru WRX is here!  For those interested in modifying their cars beyond of the coverage of our Off The Shelf Maps, custom tuning is required.  The available tables allow COBB Protuners the ability to create a custom calibration specific to each car and also enables them to support emissions compliant bolt-on upgrades.

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Additional Modifications

Looking for more than just increased power output for your 2022 Subaru WRX?  We already offer a host of parts to improve shifter feel, reduce drivetrain slop, and dress-up the engine bay.

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14 responses to “Accesstuner Pro Custom Tuning for 2022 Subaru WRX 6MT”

  1. Will there be an Accessport available for the VB CVT (SPT) model? If so how is it coming along?
    Happy hoilday ben

    • Hey Ben! We certainly hope to support the SPT transmission cars at some point. Initial testing has been a bit frustrating as the CVT does not behave well with any amount of power over stock. We do have some additional testing planned.


  2. Great to see the Protuning software is available!
    Would you be able to publish an article or video on why high flow catalytic J-Pipe tunes are illegal for CARB compliance? I completely understand limiting catless tunes, but every article I’m seeing shows that high-flow catalysts are effective, so I’d love some help getting educated here. Also, is there ever an opportunity COBB would sell these products outside of California? It’s really disappointing to see the stance you’ve taken here.
    Here’s a reference article:
    ETS has these “high flow” j-pipe systems available, and I had a full TBE from COBB on my 2018 WRX, so I would absolutely love to be able to continue to support your products for my 2022 platform.
    Thanks in advance, Cobb!

    • Hey Ryan, sorry we missed this last month!

      Long story short(ish) – just because a catalyst can be installed into a tube and pass on on-board (OBD) test for catalyst efficiency does NOT mean that it is emissions compliant. For that to be the case, the part would need to undergo third party emissions testing and certification. Furthermore, a path to an EO from CARB does not currently exist even for a third party tested and certified performance catalyst. Furthermore, it is illegal to tamper with/replace with non-OE factory catalysts on vehicles that are still within their factory emissions warranty. We do have ongoing efforts to develop a downpipe/j-pipe solution that can be emissions tested in the future, no timeline at the moment though.


    • Nothing to report on quite yet. ECU tuning support is ready, we are working to better understand the control strategy for the CVT so that tuning with increased power does not produce less-than-ideal transmission behavior and poor drivability.


  3. Please answer Ryan’s questions, this is definitely something puzzling a lot of people. On a similar note, the lack of any support for being able to use Ethanol is very surprising given that it burns much cleaner than normal gas. Flex fuel is more likely to improve emissions than hurt it, and continues to be a stock option from some car manufacturers.

    • Hey Matt, sorry I missed Ryan’s question last month – honest oversight.

      We’d love to offer Flex Fuel capabilities on the 2022 WRX at some point – many of our Protuners (and us) have already experimented with ethanol tuning on the FA24 and it does respond very well. Right now, we are focused on bringing Flex Fuel back for the vehicles that we removed in 2022. Once we have made progress on those, we will get moving on a solution for the 2022+ WRX.


  4. Any updates on a cold air intake, exhaust system or charge pipe? Itchin to get started with my mods but want to make sure I do it right.

    • We’re working on all three! Should have some updates on all of them here in the coming weeks.


    • We took delivery of our 2023 WRX development car late last week. Things are mostly the same but there are some slight ECU differences we are working through, hoping to have an ETA for support in the next couple of weeks.


  5. Hey Marshall,
    Thanks very much for your reply.
    Couldn’t Cobb, as a performance tuner, help facilitate and create a CARB EO Certification for high-flow catalysts, given there are likely no long-term emission impacts from having one installed? I have to imagine that there is a hefty budget for a performance product manufacturer to direct finances into such a lucrative R&D project… I’m just very confused as to why Cobb would not pursue that very aggressively for the betterment of the industry. There are several other companies able to market and sell JPipes, so what gives? I am still confounded at Cobbs stance overall here.
    Perhaps you could elaborate on the “ongoing efforts” you mentioned in your post? Why is it taking so long given there are other companies marketing parts?
    Thanks in advance,

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