Accesstuner Pro now supports 7 Speed DSG Custom Tuning

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This is a simple yet significant announcement for VW GTI and Golf R owners using the COBB Accessport. If you have a car equipped with the 7 speed DSG that is supported by the Accessport, you can now have both the ECU and DSG custom tuned by one of our awesome COBB Protuners!

We supply a great set of Off The Shelf 7 Speed DSG Maps on the Accessport but the nature of transmission tuning is often subjective and there isn’t always a perfect one-size-fits-all calibration. If your ideal drag strip configuration or the layout of your local racetrack require adjusted shift schedules, a custom DSG tune on the Accessport will allow you to achieve that perfect pass or lap while still having a comfortable tune when cruising back home on the street.

How to get a custom tune

We have a long list of experienced and certified COBB Protuners that can dial in the calibration of your MQB car to perfectly match your VW Golf R parts modifications and driving needs. Custom tuning can be performed in person on a dyno or remotely by sharing datalogs and map files via email.


Of course, the first thing you will need is the correct Volkswagen Accessport for your car, you can purchase one from the COBB Tuning website or directly from the Protuner of your choice. Once you have that, you just need to contact one of the authorized Protuners to schedule a custom tune.

Use our convenient Dealer/Protuner Locator to find the best option for you.

The Benefits of DSG Tuning

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