Australian 2022 WRX 6MT Accessport and Custom Tuning

Subaru’s 2022 WRX has been a hot topic as of recent, mainly due to aesthetic choices that seem to be quite polarizing. After finally having a chance to see the cars in person and then living with and working on them for the past seven months, the looks have definitely grown on us.  More importantly, we truly feel this is the best WRX Subaru has offered to date.  The improvements to the chassis coupled with the all new (for the WRX, anyways) 2.4L DIT motor make for a very competent package.

Today, we are very excited to announce the availability of the Accessport and Accesstuner Pro for the ADM 2022 Subaru WRX 6MT.  This support will consist of the Accessport with its core functionality – including gauge monitoring and data logging, performance metrics, trouble code read and reset, and Stage 1 Off The Shelf (OTS) Maps for 91 and 93 octane fuel.  Our Accesstuner Pro tuning software for Authorized Protuners is also available for those who wish to have their car custom tuned by one of our Subaru Protuners.

Support for 2022 WRX trims, including the GT, equipped with Subaru’s new CVT transmission dubbed “SPT” will require additional efforts and will hopefully come in the future.  While the ECU can easily be supported in those cars, increasing power has proven to not pair well with the factory transmission logic/tuning.

Accessport Tuning

Introducing the Accessport for your 2022 Subaru WRX 6MT.  The Accessport is the world’s best selling tuning solution for Subaru and we are so excited to kick off tuning for Subaru’s best WRX to date.  The Accessport will currently ship with two performance maps for either 91 or 93 octane fuel, a Stage0 map which mimics factory calibration data, an economy map, and anti-theft map.  Flash time for all maps is under 6 minutes.

Included OTS Maps

  • Stage0
  • Stage1 91
  • Stage1 93
  • Stage1 Economy Mode
  • Vehicle Anti-Theft Mode

Engine Safety

Beyond increasing power, we have also implemented a couple of safety measures utilizing factory logic and tables in an effort to maintain or even increase reliability.

In situations where Oil Temperature is above 250* F, maximum power will be reduced to attempt to mitigate engine damage from excessively-high oil temperatures. Power will be restored once Oil Temperature falls to 248* F or below. This level of heat should not be a concern during normal street operation but may come into play during extremely high ambient temperature operation or if using the vehicle in a motorsports environment.

The factory intake temp vs. boost compensation is also fairly conservative on the cold side (IE, removes a lot of boost as intake temperature decreases) and fairly aggressive on the warm side (IE, does not remove much boost as intake temperature increases).  Our Stage 1 performance calibrations will not be as active in cold scenarios, but more active as heat increases.  This should help make the car feel better in “boost weather” as boost targets would not decrease as much as it would stock when temps drop.  On the flip, with a slightly more aggressive approach, we hope to mitigate risk when heat is at its worst.

Power Gains

Enough about that, on to the numbers!  Below you will see power output of both Stage1 91 and Stage1 93 when compared to stock.  Increased power under the curve is substantial for both 91 and 93 octane variants of the Stage 1 calibration.   Peak increases are found where the motor makes it’s maximum output for torque or horsepower.  Max increases represent the single largest delta between stock and tuned. Average increases  represent the overall added power under the curve.

For additional information, visit the 2022 Subaru WRX Map Notes Page.

Stage1 93

Peak HP Increase

+7.38% HP

Peak TQ Increase

+14.57% TQ

310.67 ft-lbs @ 3430 RPM vs 271.17 ft-lbs @ 5250 RPM

Max HP

+20.88% HP

190.06 vs 157.23 @ 3250 RPM

Max TQ

+21.11% TQ

310.29 vs 256.21 @ 3250 RPM

Average HP

  • Stock 176.18

  • Tuned 206.47

Average TQ

  • Stock 236.63

  • Tuned 276.55

Stage1 91

Peak HP Increase

+3.96% HP

288.89 hp @ 5600 RPM vs 277.88 hp @ 5760 RPM

Peak TQ Increase

+13.03% TQ

306.51 ft-lb @ 3400 RPM vs 271.17 ft-lb @ 5250 RPM

Max HP

+19.3% HP

188.74 vs 158.21 @ 3270

Max TQ

+19.5% TQ

306.16 vs 256.21 @ 3270

Average HP

  • Stock 176.18

  • Tuned 206.47

Average TQ

  • Stock 236.63

  • Tuned 270.86

This is a graph we haven’t displayed much in the past, but is interesting for perspective.  In hopes to make higher fuel economy easier to achieve, the Economy Mode calibration minimizes boost targets and performance.  This does actually result in the car making slightly less power and torque than stock across the board, however the curve is extremely smooth.

Accesstuner Pro for 2022 WRX 6MT

Custom tuning for the 2022 Subaru WRX is here!  For those interested in modifying their cars beyond of the coverage of our Off The Shelf Maps, custom tuning is required.  The available tables allow COBB Protuners the ability to create a custom calibration specific to each car and also enables them to support emissions compliant bolt-on upgrades.

Find your nearest COBB Protuner

Additional Modifications

Looking for more than just increased power output for your 2022 Subaru WRX?  We already offer a host of parts to improve shifter feel, reduce drivetrain slop, and dress-up the engine bay.

COBB Edition Wheels by Titan7

6 responses to “Australian 2022 WRX 6MT Accessport and Custom Tuning”

  1. I own a WRX st Sportswagon (2.4l turbo)

    I am interested to receive all info on modifications available to this engine.

    It is intended for touring use & not competition.

    • Hey Rob! Jealous of the Sportswagon, wish we got those over here in the US. We do not yet offer CVT tuning support for the new 2.4L powered cars, but once we do we should be able to support your car. No ETA on that at the moment, unfortunately.


    • Not yet. We haven’t received a ROM for the 2023 ADM WRX quite yet, but as soon as we do we can investigate adding support for it.


  2. Can you tell me the difference between stage 0 and stage 1 economy mode? Also what is anti theft mode?
    Does the cobb stage 1 tune still comply with Subaru engine warranty? Knowing outside custom tunes void warranty.
    Do you support 98 octane as it is easily available in Australia?
    Finally does the Stage 1 tune get it’s gains from a slight increase in boost pressure and engine rev limiter or simply with a modified fuel and ignition curve?

    • Hey Stefan, thanks for the questions! I’ll do my best to answer them all here.
      1. Our “Stage 0” file simply uses Subaru factory calibration data where the Stage 1 Economy Mode utilizes some of our calibration changes from the standard Stage 1 file but limits requested torque and reverts to the factory rev limiter.
      2. We do not claim that our calibrations are compatible/covered by Subaru’s warranty, however many dealerships are understanding that enthusiasts love tuning these cars.
      3. Yes, the maps offered for ADM vehicles are intended to be used with either 95 or 98 RON, equivalent to 91 or 93 OCT found in the US.
      4. A little bit of all of it – we increase boost with higher torque requests, rev the car out a bit further, and are able to be slightly more aggressive on both fueling/ignition to achieve our advertised gains.

      Hope that helps, please let us know if you have any additional questions!


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