Best R35 Manual Illustration

Please don’t rice out your GT-R.   (Yes, this is actually in the manual)


Someone needs to turn this into a t-shirt!

Jeff on February 28, 2008 says:

What does the japanese translate to?

Paul on February 28, 2008 says:

Ha ha! That is awesome. How is it that such a modern car has manual illustrations that look like clip art from the 80’s?

Sean Morris on February 28, 2008 says:

Thanks for posting that.

Avplaya on February 28, 2008 says:

The first line says “Incorrect Modification”, and the second line says “Illegal Modification”. I don’t see what law it could have broken in Japan, but I suppose they meant it would be “illegal” in Nissan’s eyes.

I agree; ricing it out like that totally ruin the robotic Gundam feel. The otaku engineers responsible for the GT-R are putting their feet down!

Dave on February 29, 2008 says:

…and just in case your girlfriend wants one…

Jimmie on March 4, 2008 says:

But Nissan would accept a GT500 kit on it.. Right? ;)

josh on March 5, 2008 says:

thats very funny, no one should rice out that type of ride.

William on March 6, 2008 says:

I am sooo going to make this into a t-shirt. ;]

anyone interested? haha

audiRS4ever on April 3, 2008 says:

hey, i tried the links and they dont work anymore, but id still love to get one of these. any options?

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angello on December 1, 2008 says:

Les paso un super aporte!!

Un video de chicas tuning en HD:

Y esta web que vi en el video jeje:

Son mas de 200 manuales de tuning en español y gratis.

Ufff really great illustration man!! awesome