BMW AccessPORT v4.02 Beta Maps Available – Boost Oscillation Fix


COBB Tuning has just released a new BMW N54 AccessPORT Off-The-Shelf Map revision that addresses the boost oscillation some users have experienced. These new v4.02 Beta maps have been used by alpha testers and have been shown to eliminate boost oscillation and produce very smooth power delivery. The new v4.02 maps are available immediately for download in the BMW AccessPORT Off-The-Shelf Map Database.

This boost oscillation was noticeable in some vehicles with Stage1+ and Stage2+ modifications. Data logs of this scenario show repeated boost oscillations above and below the target boost the ECU is attempting to achieve. Changes in tuning strategy have been found to eliminate this issue and these changes have been incorporated into all Stage1+ and Stage2+ v4.02 Beta Maps.

Similar to the v4.01 Beta maps, the v4.02 maps will stay in Beta while we collect end-user feedback from the community. Once widespread user feedback is confirmed, the maps will be promoted to General Release and will supersede v3.01 maps.

Please send map performance feedback to [email protected]. For instructions on downloading and transferring these new v4.02 Beta maps to your AccessPORT, please see our Step-By-Step Map Download and Transfer Guide.

If you have any questions about the AccessPORT and AccessTUNER, or any other COBB Tuning products, please call us at 866-922-3059. Get up-to-date product announcements, sneak-peeks of upcoming products, and the latest COBB Tuning news through our COBB Tuning Mailing List. You can always be a part of the latest conversations with COBB Tuning by tuning in to our and pages.

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