BMW N55 98H1B ROM Support Now Available


Many N55 BMW owners were updated to a new ROM version during their latest service visit. The ROM update from the dealer resulted in the Accessport no longer being compatible. This affected any 2011 135 or 335 with an N55 engine using the Accessport that received a ROM update from the dealer. Now, this new ROM (98H1B) is supported by the Accessport (V3 – V2 – and Accesstuner (! Support can be added by a simple firmware update. You will then be able to flash your updated ECU with any of the Off The Shelf maps offered for previous N55 ROM revisions. For custom tune updates, contact your Protuner. If you have any questions on the process, or on anything else regarding your BMW, give us a call at 866-922-3059 or email and we can help!

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