Boostin’ Performance Wins the Stock Location Turbo Class at GT-R World Cup with an Accessport


Boostin’ Performance has been making fast cars for a while.  They are the creators of some of the quickest and fastest GT-Rs, Evos, and DSMs on the planet.  This weekend, they took their Alpha 16 GT-R to the The GTR World Cup event; an exclusive GTR-centric 1/4 mile drag racing event held in Florida.  While there, they not only won the “Stock location Turbo” class but their 7.675 pass is the quickest GT-R ever with an Alpha 16 setup.  Making this even more impressive is the fact that is was accomplished with the stock ECU tuned on the Accessport!

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Congrats to Boostin’ Performance on the win!  We look forward to seeing them set more records in the future!

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