Brian Trump – Car Enthusiast, NOT Running for Office


Brian Trump got personalized plates 9 years ago. Turns out this year, they meant a little more than he intended.

We wanted to help Brian avoid the Donald/Hillary Clinton election nonsense by making his car get away from all those crazy people a little faster!  

Thanks for being an awesome and relaxed car enthusiast Brian. Vote for fast cars,  2016.


Arthur Grasso on November 23, 2016 says:

I Have Your GTR and MACAN Access Ports

Need To Know For My Daughter With 2015 VW MK7
The Progress As Year End Coming And They Said Before End Of Year Release!
I Am Keeping Her Away From The Other Tuners To Wait For Yours. Long Wait So Far

    Marshall on November 28, 2016 says:

    Hi Arthur! First, thank you for being a loyal customer! We do plan to release our Mk7 (2015-2016) GTI Accessport by the end of the year, hopefully in the next couple of weeks.