COBB 2008+ Nissan GT-R Hard Pipe Kit

COBB is proud to announce the immediate availability of the Nissan GT-R Hard Pipe Kit. The COBB 2008+ Nissan GT-R Hard Pipe Kit replaces the OEM piping from intercooler to throttle body and from turbo to intercooler. The factory piping consists of small aluminum and rubber tubing that limits the vehicle’s ability to produce significantly higher power levels. The COBB GT-R Hard Pipe Kit utilizes 3” cold side and 2.75” hot side aluminum piping to ensure peak performance under all boost conditions. The custom mandrel bends optimize airflow and the larger diameters minimize turbulence between the turbos and throttle bodies. The wrinkle black coating is more durable and provides a subtle engine bay enhancement that any enthusiast would recognize. High quality 5-ply silicone couplers are included to eliminate crushing under pressure and stainless steel worm drive clamps prevent even the smallest air leak.

Squeeze the most performance out of your car with the COBB GT-R Hard Pipe Kit, available with blue or black silicone. Click the link below for more information and pictures.

COBB 2008+ Nissan GTR Hard Pipe Kit
Part Number: 7C1500


Eduardo on July 24, 2013 says:

I want to tune a 2014 GTR, I was thinking in complete down pipes and chip, I saw Hennesy 700 hp package and didnt made too much sense to me, I like so features though, but not all of them, what else can you suggest that I dont get turbo lag and I get more power withpot going crazy changing parts, just bolt ons.

    Marshall Glasgow
    Marshall Glasgow on July 25, 2013 says:

    A full bolt-on car will be able to touch close to 600whp on race fuel, maybe even on E85. I believe Hennessey advertises their packages using crank horsepower numbers which will be a bit higher than the power shown at the wheels due to drivetrain loss. A Stage 3 car is about as far as you can push the stock turbos. Our Stage 3 OTS maps are designed for cars that have full exhaust along with our COBB Big SF intakes and ID1000s with upgraded fuel pumps. You should be able to push a car on E85 to right around 600whp with custom tuning. If you look through our Dyno Database you can definitely see how much earlier power comes on compared to a stock vehicle. – Marshall@COBB

marcus kirski on November 18, 2013 says:

I have racing exahust and cobb air intake on my GTR 2013 can you tell me if I install hard pipe kit COBB
part # 7C1500 that will give me extra horsepower … do I have to remap engine …
Also how much is that Cobb pipe kit
Thanks Sincerely Marcus

    Marshall on November 20, 2013 says:

    Marcus, our GT-R Hard Pipe Kit retails for $1395. Installing them will not require any custom tuning however they do greatly improve airflow to the engine by replacing the small factory tubing.