COBB EVO X Intercooler Hard-Pipe Kit Available

COBB EVO X Intercooler Hard-Pipe Kit Gunmetal and Polished

COBB Tuning unveils its latest performance piece for the EVO X, the COBB Intercooler Hard-Pipe Kit, and it does not fail to impress. It is currently the only kit that replaces ALL intercooler pipes (including the BPV) with weld-free single-pipe aluminum tubing. This uncompromising kit has the most comprehensive list of performance enhancing features available. Add the precision fit and one-of-a-kind appearance and it is clear that the COBB Intercooler Hard-Pipe kit for the EVO X is unequaled.

evohp1.jpgAs with all intercooler hard-pipe kits, the stock rubber hoses to the intercooler are replaced with solid pipes to eliminate distortion under boost. But the devil is in the details, and that is where similarities end. The COBB EVO X Hard-Pipe Kit consists of single piece pipes made from mandrel bent aluminum tubing on both the cold side and hot side of the intercooler. The results are weld-free pipes from the turbo outlet to intercooler inlet and from the intercooler outlet to the throttle body, without unsightly mid-pipe silicone hose couplings that can disrupt flow or potentially blow off under boost. The hot and cold pipe diameters are increased from the stock 2.375” to 2.5”, enhancing flow even further.

The By-Pass-Valve (BPV) gets its own hard-pipe from the cold side of the intercooler, maintaining the factory location and orientation. Maintaining this connection from the cold side ensures that cool air is fed back to the intake system when the valve is in bypass mode, preventing overheating of the air charge post turbo. The BPV is located using a visually stunning COBB logo bridge that connects the BPV hard-pipe to the hot side hard-pipe.

The COBB EVO X Hard-Pipe kit is one of the very few that will fit with the factory air box in place (or the optional COBB SF Intake) as well as the stock front engine cover. The kit is completed with high quality COBB silicone hose couplings and heavy duty T-Bolt hose clamps to eliminate those embarrassing hose blow-offs than can occur when demanding the most from your EVO X.

The kit is available in Gunmetal powder coat or can be special ordered in high polished aluminum finish. Painstaking effort goes in to the fabrication, handling and packaging of our high polish kit, ensuring the parts arrive with a beautiful unblemished finish.

EVO X Intercooler Hard-Pipe Features:
• IC pipes are one piece, weld-free mandrel bent aluminum tubing increased to 2.5”
• Minimal hose couplings for clean appearance and reduced blow-off potential
• OEM BPV location and orientation maintained with BPV hard-pipe
• Eye-catching COBB logo hard-pipe bridge
• Fits with OEM airbox or optional COBB SF Intake
• Fits with OEM engine cover
• COBB silicone hose couplings
• Heavy duty T-Bolt hose clamps
• Gunmetal powder coat or high polish aluminum

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