COBB FlexTape – The Modern Sealing Product

We are proud to introduce our newest revolutionary product, COBB FlexTape!  This product will completely change the way you work on your car.  Over the years we have observed constant misuse of gaskets, over-torquing of clamps on intercooler pipes, and exhaust flanges warped by Thor himself.  Common issues that plague almost every auto enthusiast.


Happily, we can all now put those problems behind us.  Moving forward, you will be able to use COBB FlexTape for all of your sealing needs.  Tired of looking for the right sized worm gear clamp for your charge pipe?  FlexTape it!  Wasted 15 perfectly good eggs trying to seal that pesky radiator leak? FlexTape it!  Get a little wild using a reciprocating saw on your factory exhaust?  FlexTape it!  Vape pen sprung a leak? FlexTape it!

Remember when you were a kid and would accidentally super-glue your fingers together trying to put those damn model car kits together?  These memories are the exact inspiration behind the adhesive formula of FlexTape.  Don’t worry, only environmentally friendly, organic, non-GMO ingredients are used.  To activate the adhesive, simply place FlexTape where you desire and say a quick prayer to one of your preferred car diety.

COBB FlexTape.  It’ll hold; until it doesn’t.

COBB FlexTape can be yours for the low, low price of $99.98.  But wait, there’s MORE!


Order before March 31, 2018, and we’ll send you TWO rolls of COBB FlexTape for the LOW LOW price of $199.99!!  Act now, COBB FlexTape is being offered in LIMITED QUANTITIES.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.


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