COBB HCT Intakes for Ford Raptor and F150 Receive EO – Industry First!

The Best Intake Upgrades Just Got Even Better!

Earlier this year, we released brand new intakes for the Ford Ecoboost truck platform, specifically the Gen2/Gen3 Raptor and F150 models, utilizing a redesigned hydrocarbon trap to replace the factory unit. The Intake System w/ HCT and Redline Intake System w/ HCT had performed flawlessly, increasing airflow, performance, and allowing our customers to take full advantage of our COBB Accessport, OTS maps, and intercooler upgrades! We even went so far as to have them tested by SEMA Garage and received an SEMA Cert, marking a path towards something great. But we just couldn’t leave good enough alone…

An Industry First!

Today we are happy to announce that we’ve been able to successfully take that venture a step further and that our innovative Hydrocarbon Trap Intakes have been awarded an Executive Order from the California Air Resources Board (CARB), something that has never been accomplished by any other company. This achievement marks a pioneering moment in the vehicle modification industry, as we set a new precedent for aftermarket upgrades and opens them up to automotive enthusiast and modders alike who reside in California. This certification (D-660-180) ensures that they comply with California’s stringent emissions standards, a benchmark for environmental responsibility in the automotive sector. This development not only underscores our commitment to delivering top-quality, environmentally conscious products but also places COBB Tuning at the forefront of innovation and legal performance upgrades. Ford F150 and Raptor owners can now upgrade their vehicles with our cutting-edge intakes, confident in both their performance benefits and adherence to some of the strictest automotive environmental standards.

Despite looking very close to the previous iteration, these new intakes incorporate OEM-grade hydrocarbon traps into the tubing without restricting any airflow. What is a HyrdoCarbon trap you might ask, here’s a video showing just that along with some behind the scenes during some of the development of these new Ford truck intakes:






If you’re ready to upgrade that truck with the latest and greatest, follow the links below to find your respective intake and hear those turbos breathe!

2018-2020 3.5L F150 & Gen2 Raptor Carbon Fiber Redline Intake with HCT
2021-2023 Gen3 Raptor Carbon Fiber Redline Intake with HCT

2018-2020 3.5L F150 & Gen2 Raptor Intake with HCT
2021-2023 Gen3 Raptor Intake with HCT

And if you need any more information, here’s a specific highlight video on the new Ford Truck Intakes w/ HCT here:







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