COBB Pops N’ Bangs


Nothing says quality and performance like obnoxious noises that damage your car for internet clout, but why stop there? Keep it 100 and flex your diet just the same with the all-new COBB Pops & Bangs breakfast cereal!

Loaded up with sugar, carbs, sodium…and probably some vitamins. A few bowls of this amazing well-balanced meal will definitely retard your timing enough to blowout your exhaust bigger than everyone else!

Car Meet Treats Recipe

Enjoying Pops N’ Bangs on your own is lame. Luckily, we have a great recipe for a special Car Meet Treat that’s guaranteed to bring a crowd around your ride and distract them from all of your Ebay parts!

treats crop
  • 3 tablespoons Rotella T6
  • 1 package (10 oz., about 40) packaging peanuts
  • 4 cups Melted Exhaust Hangers
  • 6 cups COBB Pops N’ Bangs cereal

PS: Wash. Your. Hands.
PPS: COBB Pops N’ Bangs is not a real cereal.
PPPS: COBB does not make Pops N’ Bangs OTS maps.
PPPPS: Carole Baskin probably killed Epstein.

Rick Conk on April 1, 2020 says:

I just made this.. Thanks for the super fast shipping BTW! Anyway, I had a fever, red eyes, a nasty cough etc.. and this cured it up completely! It reminded me of my youth when I would bust out the MAP gas on some nasty oil plugs and lick the pan to make sure it was nice and… wait hold up the FBI is at my door.. one sec..

    Adam Hill
    Adam Hill on April 1, 2020 says:

    Nothing but the best for you Rick! Also…don’t narc on us!!!