COBB Tuning 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid


COBB Tuning is proud to announce the immediate availability of the COBB Tuning 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid (BCS) for turbocharged Subaru, Mazda and Mitsubishi applications. The COBB 3-Port Boost Solenoid is an excellent upgrade for modern turbocharged vehicles, enabling precise boost control in a tidy package that is easy to install and tune. Our BCS will eliminate boost fluctuations and boost creep inherent in OEM boost control systems, providing the necessary stable and repeatable boost control required for accurate tuning and consistent performance. The COBB BCS is equally capable of providing stable boost control at stock boost levels as well as extremely high boost levels associated with big-power builds, with an operating range of up to 120psi.

The COBB Tuning 3-Port BCS features 1/8″ low-profile barb fittings to keep the unit compact, and are nickel coated for corrosion resistance. Optional 1/4″ nickel plated fittings are also available separately. Viton spools and seals are used throughout for long life and lubricated with Dow Corning silicone grease. The manual override port is sealed with an O-ring, the wiring harness is sealed to the casing using a waterproof grommet and the solenoid wires are ultrasonically welded to the coil, making the device waterproof and safe to wash.

COBB Tuning has made the COBB 3-Port BCS installation as simple as possible. It mounts in the stock location and plugs directly into the stock wiring harness, making the physical install and electrical connection as straightforward possible. The BCS comes with a custom aluminum mounting bracket, stainless steel hardware, the necessary boost-line to complete all connections and zip-ties to route the boost-line neatly through the engine bay. The install instructions are easy to understand, with photographs and illustrations to guide you through the installation process, and include routing instructions for both internal and external wastegate configurations.

The COBB Tuning 3-Port BCS is the ulimate electronic boost control device for modern turbocharged applications, designed for outstanding boost control, engineered for consistent performance over an extended service life, and configured for easy installation. Get your boost under control and Access the Potential of your turbocharged Subaru, Mazda or Mitsubishi today!

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PN: 712750 PN: 715750 PN: 771750 PN: 752750
MSRP: $115.00 MSRP: $115.00 MSRP: $115.00 MSRP: $115.00
Applications Applications Applications Applications
– STI 04-07 – STI Hatch 08-12 – MS3 07-12 – EVO X 08-12
– WRX 02-07 – STI Sedan 11-12 – MS6 06-07 – Ralliart 09-12
– FXT 04-08 – WRX 08-12 – MPS3 07-11
– LGT 05-09 – MPS6 04-06
– LGT SpecB 06-09
– OXT 05-09

41 responses to “COBB Tuning 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid”

  1. Will you guys be able to put a tune with this on the Cobb AP or will it still require a pro-tune?


    • The Evo X already has some beta OTS maps available. We hope to add other OTS maps in the future, but in the mean time you can use AccessTUNER Race or get a custom tune from a local tuner!


  2. HI,
    Does the 3-port not need a ‘pill’? I read thru the Installation Instructions and it doesn’t mention reusing it, so is one included w/the part or just not required w/a 3-port?


  3. Hi! Just wondering what kind of tuning I would need to do? Can’t I just pick an OTS map that’s already avaable for my 03 WRX?

    • The maps have specific modification requirements, but if you are within those, you shouldn’t have any issue using the OTS maps! Otherwise, you can still have a custom tune created and put onto the AccessPORT.


  4. I have a 05 Legacy GT , will I need a tune after installation of the 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid ?

    thanks Mike

  5. Hey Cobb, Evo X SST owner here. I started with the acessport from you guys and now have a few cobb products, including Acesstuner Race, with nothing but astounding results. Could you provide a guide on how to use the tuning software to tune for your boost controller?

  6. I’ve got a ralliart 09 and was runnin on stage 2 but put on front mount intercooler,upper intercooler piping,lower intercooler piping,shortram intake band a Cobb 3port bcs show come thermes no stage 3 fort ralliart???

  7. I currently have a 2011 sti sedan
    Mods: cobb sf intake w box, cobb catted downpipe. Everything else is stock. Including the catback.
    im getting it protuned at cobb plano this weekend and I plan on keeping this set up. Just stage 2. Will it be worth purchasing this since I wont be doing any other mods?

    • Have you had the car tuned yet? We generally do not see much of a bump in power when using a 3-port solenoid on an otherwise Stage 2 setup. You can certainly see gains further down the line however the factory solenoid does just fine in these cases. – [email protected]

  8. Hey Cobb, i have a 2012 evo x gsr. Planning on getting this 3 port boost with your test pipe. Will the stage 3 map work? I have a megan catback and k&n drop in filter installed right now and running the stage 2 map on my cobb v3 accesport.


    • Erwin,

      The only potential issue is the intake system. Our Stage 3 maps were calibrated with a COBB SF intake system. You will likely need to do some custom tweaking to MAF scaling in order to use that map with a stock airbox/K&N panel filter.

      [email protected]

  9. I have a 07 wrx running the stage 3 ots map, will I need to run the pill still because the map calls for it? Also will i need a retune after installing the boost solenoid if im still using the stage 3 map?
    Thank you

    • Hey Danny, if you’re switching to a 3-Port EBCS you will no longer need the restrictor pill. A custom tune will definitely be required as the Wastegate Duty Cycle table will need to be changed quite a bit to use the new solenoid properly.

      [email protected]

  10. Hey i have a stock evo x with a drop in cone filter can i install the ebc and use one of the maps on the access tuner??

    • Our Stage 3 OTS map is the only one that will have the proper calibrations for an EBCS. However, that map also requires an upgraded turboback exhaust and intake. If you only wanted to upgrade the EBCS you would need to have a custom map created for your car.

      [email protected]

  11. 2015 gsr here have your test pipe, down pipe,3 port ,k&n typoon plus borla cat mishimoto pro intercooler and lower pipes…..going through the pervious post having questions about the OTS map going to run stage 3 93 v403 with the changes I have made to the maf scaling and load calc tables per the stepping to stage two instructed me to remove boost pill…do I leave that out with the 3 port ? also im getting protune on april 25 I guess the question is can I run that map..for a month with no issues and about the pill?

  12. just installed this along with the cobb bypass valve with the stage 2 + EBCS map on an 04 wrx. Other components currently on the vehicle include: process west top-mount intercooler, equal length headers, cobb up-pipe, cobb turbo back exhaust, and cobb SF intake box. i was hitting 17psi of boost before the install, now im hitting 9-10 (read from the accessport guages)… any idea what the issue might be? i’m planning on having this tuned shortly now that all of these parts are in, but i’d like to know why the boost pressure drop happened and if i can correct it before-hand?

    • Hey Justin, it sounds like you’re just hitting wastegate boost levels which may indicate an issue with the EBCS installation or valve itself. Can you double-check that the vacuum lines are all run to the appropriate ports on the valve? Are you getting a CEL for anything related to the boost control system? Also, be sure both the Reflash and Realtime maps are showing Stage2+EBCS.

      [email protected]

  13. Quick Question, this was part of the package I bought for my Ralliart, now less than a month later I have upgraded to an Evo X. I am waiting for the Cobb SF and air box as well the UICP, I am installing my Turbo back Exhaust today, the AP has a stage 2 OTS map for the Exhaust, and you map notes doesn’t list the BCS until stage 3 which includes the SF air intake / Turbo inlet. Can I install the 3port BCS on the stag 2 map or should I wait until the intake and install then?
    Thanks in advance

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