COBB Tuning AccessPORT Support for More Nissan GT-R R35 Models

COBB Tuning is proud to announce that the ultimate tuning solution for the Nissan GT-R R35, the AccessPORT, is now available for eight new models: 2012 USDM GT-R, 2011 ADM, East Asia, EDM, Gulf Spec, JDM & South Africa GT-R’s, and 2009 JDM Vspec GT-R. Only the AccessPORT can let you add tire shredding power gains from the comfort of your driver’s seat with just the push of a button.

The AccessPORT is the only tuning solution that offers this level of simplicity, with unmatched control of the Nissan GT-R’s engine and transmission computers (ECU and TCM). Tuning the GT-R is as easy, or as involved, as you want it to be. The AccessPORT’s wide selection of Off-The-Shelf maps lets you reprogram the ECU for more power and torque with push-button ease. Experienced do-it-yourself tuners prefer to self-tune using our sophisticated AccessTUNER Race software. Those seeking maximum power gains take advantage of professional dyno tuning services that are available around the world through our global network of COBB Professional Tuners.

While huge push-button power gains are impressive on their own, it is just the start of the AccessPORT’s capabilities. The AccessPORT is the multi-tool of the GT-R performance enthusiast. See how your 0-60 mph and ¼ mile times improve using the AccessPORT’s Performance Mode. Enhance your GT-R’s gauges by using the AccessPORT to display Live Data directly from the ECU. Record your driving session by data logging over 30 engine monitors for up to 10 hours. Get the perfect launch off the line by choosing from multiple launch control settings. Avoid trips to the dealership by using the AccessPORT’s built in trouble code scanning and clearing functionality. And if you ever need to remove the AccessPORT, the uninstall process is just as simple, taking mere minutes to restore the ECU to its original condition.

The Nissan GT-R was built to go fast. The COBB AccessPORT gets you there even faster, with hassle-free simplicity, convenient portability and proven reliability. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to turn your Nissan GT-R into a rocket ship. Access the Potential of your Nissan GT-R today!

16 responses to “COBB Tuning AccessPORT Support for More Nissan GT-R R35 Models”

  1. Hello

    Love your product I used it in MY 2009 gtr until I retired the car in favor of a MY 2012 gtr ADM From what I see my model is not supported yet and I really miss my Cobb! I am desperate to adjust my clutches and it reminds me how much I miss my Cobb.

    Can you tell me

    1. What is the ETA for support of my model?

    2. Is there any minor functions I can do with it until it is supported?

    Many thanks


    • Glad to hear it worked so well on your 2009! We are currently doing testing on the US 2013 and World 2012 model GT-Rs and some beta OTS maps are available. Currently, the cars can be custom tuned using AccessTUNER so your tuner should be able to get you going in the right direction. Hopefully OTS maps will be available soon.


  2. Just picked up a 13. Had a 2009 with stage 2 custom. How much gain are you seeing on stage 1 for the 13? Wanted to keep this one as close to stock as possible.

  3. If my car is an EDM (UK spec) imported and driven locally in East Asia, what maps shd I be running?

    EDM or East Asia maps?

    • When you first install the Accessport, it will recognize what region vehicle you have, and only let you install the proper maps for your vehicle, so it’s nothing you even have to worry about!


  4. Will be purchasing a JDM 2013 model this July and, wish to get the Access Port but I am worried about my warranty. Also, from stock. What power and torque gains would I achieve from a stock 545hp to?

    Another point, I’m not Japanese and do not understand their chicken scratch, so would this be an English version A/Port post connection and if so, how we’ll does that befriend with the local Kanji of the GTR’s native language.

    Any other advice would b great to boot.

    Love your product and have been a fan from Nagtrog.

    • If you are worried about the warranty on your GT-R, I would honestly recommend not upgrading or tuning the car as most dealerships are very strict about it.


  5. Hello,
    We have a R35 GTR Producti8on Race car with a Cobb Tuner access port in Australia. We have had some error codes come up on the cobb from the ECU. Can you assist with a error code list for the following
    Cheers Grant

    • Grant, it sounds like there may have been an issue during the ECU Reset at the end of the Installation process. I recommend to perform an ECU Reset(Troubleshooting Menu) using the Accessport to see if those codes clear out.


  6. Hi Cobb,

    I have a 2013 Nissan GTR35 fully stock.
    I am am considering Stage 2 Package from Cobb. Questions are :

    1) What are the differences between NIS005 and NIS006 stage 2 packages?
    2) My GTR is right hand drive and I purchased it from Nissan Brunei. Will AP3 support my version? Which map should I use?
    3) If I add Tanabe Medalion Touring cat back exhaust will it bolt on directly to the Cobb Y-Pipe and will this ruin the OTS maps available? We use RON97 fuel here.


    • Hey Vincent,

      The main difference between the NIS-005 and NIS-006 is the ability to reprogram the Transmission Control Module(TCM). This would allow you to run different versions of TCM logic on your 2013 GT-R. A NIS-005 unit will only reprogram the Engine Control Unit(ECU) where the NIS-006 is able to reprogram both ECU and TCM. Our GT-R support extends to all vehicles world-wide, so you should not have any issues installing to your right hand drive vehicle. You’ll just need to use the maps for the region in which the Accessport identifies your car. This is all automated and ready to go out of the box so you’ll just choose the applicable Stage 2 map for your fuel type. The addition of a catback exhaust should be straight forward and will not require any tuning changes.

      If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]!


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