COBB Tuning Signature Series T-Shirt Contest Winners!

COBB Tuning is happy to announce the winners of our Signature Series T-shirt contest! We have chosen four designs to represent each shop. Each design is unique and represents COBB Tuning in our diverse locations in distinct ways.

These designs will be available on shirts offered for sale at each location as well as online from the COBB Tuning Website. Pricing and size availability will be published before the shirts go on sale.

We would like to congratulate and thank everyone who submitted a design for their hard work and creativity. The following four designs were chosen by COBB Tuning staff members taking into account input from the respective shop Facebook pages. Each of our winners will receive a $150 COBB Tuning gift-certificate plus their signature included on every copy of the shirt. The winners are:

Kyle Klube wins the Portland design for his “Tuned in Oregon” shirt.

Chris Corrona wins the Austin design with his “Speedshop” shirt.

Brandon Orr wins the Plano design for his “Tire Tread” shirt.

Mike Matsumoto wins the Socal design for his “Racing GT-R” shirt.

Thank you again to everyone who submitted designs and thank you to our winners for supporting COBB Tuning! Stay tuned to the COBB Tuning Facebook Page for updates and shirt availability.

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