COBB Tuning’s Tim Bailey and his 600hp GT-R on Drivingsports TV!

Check out’s exposé on COBB Tuning’s top tuner, Tim Bailey, and his Nissan GT-R. Along with COBB Tuning ECU Wizards Joe Graham and John “Thistle” Banks, Tim is the man behind testing many of the performance upgrades available for the GT-R market, using his own car as the test mule for COBB’s Godzilla enhancements. Whenever Joe and John take apart a line of code that unlocks more features for your GT-R AccessPORT, Tim straps his car to the dyno for more testing and tuning.

The result is this E85-powered monster with just under 600whp on tap, almost 200hp more than stock! The secret is a custom fuel system that allows Tim to run the high-octane corn fuel. But what is all that power good for if you can’t have fun with it. To that end, Tim gave in to the archaic NHRA rules and bolted a custom cage into his supercar so he could post 10-second drag runs all day without fear of being snubbed by the tech inspectors.

See more of Tim’s beast at and also on!

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