EcoBoost Mustang Exhaust Update

If you’ve been keeping up with our R&D updates, you know that EcoBoost Mustang Hard parts development is chugging along.  A Stage 1 power package is just around the corner with additional stages coming soon!  Here’s a sneak peek at a our Turboback Exhaust which will be offered as a part of the advanced stage packages.

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  1. On your Turboback Exhaust for your 2015 ecoboost mustang are you removing the Cat? If so are you planning on having a “CatBack” exhaust and if so how different will that sound?

    • We will be offering both Turboback and Catback options for the Mustang exhaust. Our current downpipe design does include a high-flow catalytic converter.


  2. Sounds great. Sounds pretty much identical to my 2014 Focus ST with the turbo back exhaust including the rest of the Stage 3 kit. Kudos to Cobb!

  3. Can I assume your “additional stages” of maps also come out in May as well? If so could you include what the additional stages will require in the modification department (intake, downpipe, etc)?


    • Hey Casey, right now it’s looking like the Ecoboost Mustang will follow a very similar modification path to the Focus and Fiesta. No solid dates quite yet!


  4. Looking forward to your exhaust system. Best sound so far on the EBMs.
    Waiting for my 2016 model.

  5. this is hands down the best exhaust i have heard so far. only problem is that this exhaust system isnt out yet. any updates? thanks

    • Thanks for the kind words! Unfortunately, I fear we may have jumped the gun with our teaser video. I expect we’ll see a Fall release for most of our Mustang Ecoboost hard parts.


  6. This is definitely the best exhaust sound I’ve come across since I purchased my Ecoboost. I’m hoping the exhaust will be released soon, any more updates on date and potential pricing?

    • Hey Julie, we do not have an accurate release date quite yet, still working on revising a couple of things. I cannot provide any pricing information quite yet, but it will be very competitive for the market!


  7. It’s been a while since anyone asked – any closer to having a release date for your Cobb exhaust?? I’m chomping at the bit waiting!

  8. any closer to having a release date for your Cobb exhaust?? Also wondering what styles will be available, like muffler delete, straight pipe, etc.

    • Hey there! We’re actually getting very close! Our exhaust will feature a downpipe with a high flow catalytic converter, we’ll offer two versions – one for a stock cat-back and one for our cat-back. The COBB Cat-back will have a resonator in the mid-pipe and two mufflers. We likely will not offer any sort of a straight-pipe or muffler delete option as we tend to lean more on the subdued side with exhaust tone.


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