Ford Focus ST/RS Adjustable Shift Plate Updates


If it ain’t broke…..make it better…that’s how that works, right?

The first edition of the COBB Ford Focus shift plate worked well and didn’t have any major problems, but there was room for improvement. Specifically in the installation and adjustment process. The updated shift plate is better looking, more adjustable, and easier to install.

Ford Focus ST / Focus RS Adjustable Shift Plate

Key Features and Updates
  • Easier Install
    • Threaded lower plate and extended hex bolts equal no more blindly fumbling with screws on the underside of the unit.
    • No more pin removal.
    • Less total hardware.
  • Extra Adjustment – A 20% throw reduction setting was added along with the previous 30% and 40% options.
  • Visual indicators of throw reduction percentage so you don’t have to remember which setting corresponds to each percentage.
  • New Shift Cable Bushings – Reduce slop by improving shifting compliance while increasing positive shift feel.
  • Set screw ensures a snug fit around the OEM shift weight.


291320_main 291320_extra_01 293350_main

Shift Plate In Engine-2 (crop)

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Chayanne Rodriguez on December 29, 2018 says:

Just installed the short throw plate. It was the last component of the Stage1 drivetrain. What a difference in overall mechanical performance of the car. A literal night and day difference. Took the car into Ford for service and I received repeated compliments from my service advisor. Cobb you continue to blow me away with your products. I’m with this team through thick and thin.
Check out my page @sprint_circuit.

    Marshall on January 2, 2019 says:

    Thanks for the kind words!