Ford Fusion Ecoboost – Accessport Updates

Ford Fusion 3-4 Angle for V3-COBB 2

Ford Fusion Off The Shelf Maps Now Available!

COBB support for the Ford Fusion Ecoboost has been available for some time.  This came in the form of the Accessport but required visiting a Protuner if you were looking for performance tuning.  This is no longer the case!  COBB is happy to announce that there is now a line-up of Off The Shelf (OTS) performance maps for your 2.0L Ecoboost Fusion!  These maps also include the 5-way Map Switching feature that enables you to go from economy, to max performance, and anywhere in between, all on the fly using the vehicle’s cruise control buttons.  More on that can be seen in the Ford Custom Features video below!

New Off The Shelf Maps are now available for the 2013-2014 USDM 2.0L AWD and FWD Fusion and the newly supported 2014 SADM FWD 2.0L Fusion.  Maps include:

  • Anti-Theft Mode
    • Will not allow vehicle to run.
  • Stage0
    • Stock replica map
    • Enables user to monitor/datalog and stay on the stock map
  • Valet Mode
    • Fuel requirements: 87+ Octane
    • Can be used with any intake/exhaust combonation
    • Boost: retains factory settings
    • Rev limiter: 3000rpm
    • Speed limiter: 35mph
  • Stage1 91/93 Octane
    • Fuel requirements: Minimum octane is in map name (91 or 93)
    • Boost: Dynamic based upon atmospheric conditions, fuel quality, feat,  rpm, drivetrain, and map slot.
      • Up to ~22.0psi tapering to ~14psi by redline. (+/- 3psi)
    • Includes pre-configured 5-way map switching: Each of the 5 map slots has adjusted fuel, ignition timing, boost control (including overboost), camshaft phasing (Ti-VCT), throttle ramping, gear indicator, cooling fans, and base programming logic for improvements in performance as well as overall efficiency and consistency.
      • Slot 1 = Max Performance – This is the standard OTS map with full boost.
      • Slot 2 = Mid-High Performance – This is the standard OTS map with 10% less boost.
      • Slot 3 = Mid-LowPerformance – This is the standard OTS map with 15% less boost.
      • Slot 4 = Low Performance – This is the standard OTS map with 25% less boost.
      • Slot 5 = Economy – This mode disables the wastegate and adjusts fueling and ignition timing for efficiency.  This can be used to quickly lower power when performance is not needed.

For more information, be sure to check out the Map Notes Document

Check out this quick video displaying Ford 5-way Map Switching using the COBB Accessport!


The Off The Shelf Map offering for the 2.0L Fusions will soon extend to the 1.6L equipped vehicles.  Stay tuned…


17 responses to “Ford Fusion Ecoboost – Accessport Updates”

  1. I am looking into getting a Cobb tune for my ford fusion but I do not see it on Cobb’s main site but only on distributor site’s. Could you explain why it is not on Cobb’s main site?

    • Hi Max,

      We decided to pull it from the website as there are no plans for further development on the platform. Any maps that previously existed are still available. Keep in mind only select Fusions were supported and only a few of those have off the shelf maps available (13-14 1.6 and 2.0L). Others will require custom tuning for any performance gains with the Accessport.


    • Hi Sean,

      Unfortunately, we do not offer any products for the Ford Fusion any longer. Sorry for the bad news!


  2. Would the fusion accessport be compatible with the 2013 2.0l ecoboost lincoln mkz since they’re basically the same car underneath?

  3. Hey Kyle. Can you still purchase maps for the 2013 2.0 fusion or do they come preloaded on the accessport if I could find one through a dealer?

    • Hi Devin,

      As it turns out, there is no longer an Accessport offered that will work on the Fusion. The only way to get it now would be to find a used one (and there are very, very few out there). If you did find one, the maps are all included on it. Sorry for the bad news.


    • Hi Tyler,

      The Accessport for the Fusion has not been available for a few years. Sorry for the bad news.


  4. My local tuner said he cannot access software to dyno tune my big turbo fusion. Anyway he can be given access?

    • Hi Austin,

      As it turns out, the Fusion has not been supported for several years. Sorry for the bad news.


  5. Why was the Accessport only available to the 2013-14 Fusion 2.0L EcoBoost, and not the 2015+ with same motor? I have been looking for a plug in tuner that comes with available features as shown in the video and listed above. Looks like I will have to head to SCT for a tuner for the Fusion.

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