Gen3 Ford Raptor Tuning

We are excited to announce the availability of Accessport tuning, bolt-on power upgrades, and Accesstuner Pro custom tuning support for Ford’s Gen 3 F-150 Raptor.  We initially released tuning support for the Gen3’s predecessor, the Gen2 Raptor, back in January of 2019.  Much like the Gen2, the updated Gen3 is still powered by a 3.5L Twin-Turbocharged V6 EcoBoost engine and is prime for tuning.  Some slight tweaks by Ford do allow the newer trucks to make a bit more power, something we certainly aren’t complaining about.  This initial launch of 2021-2022 Ford Raptor tuning includes a 50-State Legal Accessport and Off The Shelf (OTS) maps as well as Accesstuner Pro to allow for custom tuning by any of our Authorized Protuners.

During our development, we also uncovered the need for an all-new product, our Intake Snorkel Bracket, that is immensely valuable to any modern EcoBoost powered F-150.  More on that below.

Accessport for Gen 3 2021-2022 Ford Raptor

Accessport for Gen3 Raptor

The Accessport is the world’s best selling, most flexible, and easiest to use ECU tuning solution for your 2021-2022 Ford Raptor.   It allows you to increase power by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations, and more!  The Accessport is in-cabin mountable and has a large, full color, high-resolution screen which allows you to monitor up to six parameters in real time.  It is fully customizable from the look (optional bezel colors), layout (set up race, street, or dyno gauge clusters), and mounting options (choose from 1,000s of standard vehicle mounts).

Both Engine and Transmission tuning are supported in one part number, the AP3-FOR-010.

The ECU Maps below are available in two flavors each, one for 91 octane fuel and one for 93 octane fuel.  Power gains for 93 octane are displayed below, gains for 91 octane fuel are displayed on our Map Notes Page ( Stage 1 91, Stage 2 91, and Performance Tow 91).

  • Stage0 v100

  • Stage1 v100

  • Stage2 v100

  • Performance Tow v100

For full details of each Performance Map, visit our Map Notes Page.

Power Gains

Transmission Tuning

One significant change to the Gen3 Raptor is the ECU/TCM configuration as they are now a combined unit, similar to the 2020+ F-150.  One benefit of this is that the Accessport only needs to install onto one module instead of two, making installation time much quicker.  What it also means is that map selection during install may be a bit different as each ECU Performance map is able to be flashed in conjunction with any of the available TCM maps.

Available TCM Maps

Simulated Stock

Factory transmission tune from 2021/2022 Raptor


  • Shift Points

    • Moderately increased RPM limits on upshifts

    • Altered shift behavior for more responsive downshifts

  • Shift Firmness

    • Moderately increased during high power/RPM shifts in Normal and Sport mode

  • Upshift Backout

    • Upshift inhibit (zero Accelerator pedal position gear-holding) in ‘Sport’ mode following high-power acceleration and throttle backout has been disabled. Stock behavior would inhibit upshift until pedal position is re-applied above ~10%.

  • Torque Limits

    • Increased torque limits for more aggressive launches and acceleration

COBB Sport

  • Shift Points
    • Moderately increased RPM limits on upshifts over OEM+ map
    • Altered shift behavior for even more responsive downshifts over OEM+ map

  • Shift Firmness

    • Moderately increased during high power/RPM shifts in Normal and Sport mode

  • Upshift Backout

    • upshift inhibit (zero Accelerator pedal position gear-holding) in ‘Sport’ mode following high-power acceleration and throttle backout has been disabled. Stock behavior would inhibit upshift until pedal position is re-applied above ~10%.

  • Torque Limits

    • Increased torque limits for more aggressive launches and acceleration

TCM Map Notes

COBB Custom Features

COBB Custom Features: Dynamic Pedal Control

  • Dynamic Pedal Control allows you to quickly adjust throttle pedal sensitivity easily.  The system works by modulating from the throttle mapping found in your current drive mode (i.e. Drive/Normal, Mud/Sand, Sport) and some predetermined maximum and minimum sensitivity levels.  Each step negative (-1 – -5) decreases throttle sensitivity which can help achieve better mpg, or a quick detune if someone less responsible is driving.  When stepping positive (1-10) you’ll be making smaller pedal movements have a much bigger impact on the throttle which can help the car feel faster and more responsive.

COBB Custom Features: Tire Size Adjustment

  • Tire Sized Adjustment does just what it seems it would.  This feature allows those with up-sized tires to apply a correction to the truck’s ECU and TCM to ensure accurate behavior and speed display.


Intake Scoop Bracket, aka ‘Torq Snork’

Introducing the COBB Intake Bracket, known internally as the “Torq-Snork”. This brace uses two pieces to sandwich the soft plastic snorkel to the core support, replacing the fragile plastic clips with hardware and preventing all deformation under load. All you need is a flathead screwdriver to pop the old clips out and the provided Allen key to secure the hardware.

We can frequently achieve reliable power and torque gains over the stock calibration without installing any physical modifications, but when developing our performance calibrations for the Gen3 Raptor, we noticed some interesting issues with the intake system after only adding a small amount of power.

The leading edge of the snorkel that rises from the lower airbox to overtop of the radiator core support is constructed of very soft, very thin rubber. Making things worse, a significant portion of the cross sectional area of this piece seals against the hood of the truck, making the actual airflow path pretty thin. This system works okay in factory form, but when turning up the boost we’ve seen it turn into a big problem and collapse under vacuum.  In the dyno graph below you can see the difference between a clean pull (red) with the bracket in place and two pulls where a partial (green) and complete (blue) collapse occurs.

This collapse can lead to significant power loss and increased wear on engine components, namely the turbochargers, if not addressed.  CLICK HERE for a complete technical write-up showing the effect this issue can have on your truck!

Additional Parts

On top of the Accessport and Torq Snork, we do offer additional products for your Gen3 Ford Raptor!  Anything from aftermarket off-road wheels by Titan7 to COBB branded WeatherTech Floor Liners as well as hitch accessories.



Coming Soon…

Here is a sneak peak of a part we have in development to provide a solution to the performance limitation of the factory shroud, while adding some under-hood bling!  Keep your eyes on our website for the launch of this product in the months to come.

Enhance the durability and performance of your Gen3 Raptor with the COBB Intake Bracket, the ‘Torq-Snork,’ offering both structural support and increased power potential, making it a must-have for your Ford F150 mods.

12 responses to “Gen3 Ford Raptor Tuning”

  1. Hello,
    I am considering a 2021 Raptor and see that Garrett does extend the upgraded turbos and intercooler out to 2021. Do you sell the tune that would go with that kit? I see lots of tuners but none specific to the garrett upgrades.

    • Hey Andrew,

      We do not offer an Off The Shelf Map that would be compatible with those turbochargers. You would need to have the truck custom tuned by one of our Protuners.


  2. Your intercooler mentions fitment for 2021-2023 f150 raptors. Does this mean you offer tuning support for the 2023 model year now? Have seen info on Livernois having a solution now but want to go the Cobb route. Thank you.

    • While our bolt-on upgrades are compatible, we are still working on adding tuning support for the 2023 MY trucks. Unfortunately don’t have an ETA at the moment.


  3. Hi – looking for package to upgrade my 2023 Raptor V6 to add horsepower / torque, etc. I live in South Florida.

    • Hey Lou!

      We’re still working on the ECU side for tuning the 2023 Raptor. While you wait for ECU tuning support, our bolt-on upgrades are available for purchase. Keep an eye on our social channels, this blog page, and the 2023 Raptor product page as we’ll definitely make it known once support is available.

      2023 Ford Raptor Page


  4. Marshall,
    I recently installed your Cobb Intake and Intercooler (Factory Position) onto my Ford F150 Raptor. Love them both so far, but here is my question. I want to install a hidden winch mount which would require me to go to the bigger, front mount intercooler. Is it ok to install it without a tune?

    • Hey there! No problems with that at all, the COBB OTS Maps can be utilized with either the factory location or relocated intercooler upgrade! No tuning changes are required.


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