Nissan GT-R Rolling Launch – Dyno Testing

We’ve been testing some exciting new features for the GT-R platform! ¬†

With roll-racing events becoming more and more popular, our Rolling Launch feature will allow cars to build boost while maintaining a constant speed.  With the release of a button, full power is on tap!

Check out this quick video of our GT-R Experts testing this new feature on our in-house dyno!



jimmy supra on September 19, 2014 says:

Nice ????

Val Thakore on September 20, 2014 says:

When should be expect the release of this feature?

    Marshall on September 22, 2014 says:

    No ETA quite yet, still quite a bit of testing to go through! I would love to see this before the end of the year however the GT-R Team must be 100% comfortable with their product before it is released.