COBB Custom Features for FK8 Civic Type R – Launch Control, Flat Foot Shifting, Burnout Mode

It’s no secret that getting power down in front wheel drive cars can be tricky, especially from a dig at the track or while doing your best Brian O’Conner impression south of the border.  Even with Honda’s brilliant implementation of electronic differential control, the FK8 Type R still falls victim to basic physics.  Without an effective factory launch control, getting off the line efficiently can be a tricky balance of feathering the throttle and clutch.  Luckily, today we are changing that with our first iteration of COBB Custom Features for the FK8.  Launch Control, Flat Foot Shifting, and Burnout Mode are all now available in new Off The Shelf Maps via the Accessport as well as being custom tunable by COBB Protuners with our Honda Accesstuner Pro software.

Honda Civic FK8 Type R Accessport

Vehicles Supported

The following vehicles (all supported FK8 Type Rs) are all eligible for this update.

Launch Control

Our implementation of Launch Control is much more than a basic secondary rev limiter.  It uses combination of fuel and ignition cut, plus dynamic rev limiting and load targeting based on rear (undriven) wheel speed.  This setup ensures maximum repeatability in the driving mechanics of launching so that you can focus on dialing in vehicle configuration.  The system will automatically control wheel slip using fuel and ignition cuts as well as automatically control target load (boost/torque) as you accelerate through first and second gears (so long as first and second gears are linked via a flat foot shift).  When using COBB OTS Maps, expect to see between 4-6psi of boost built while stationary.  

Six different Launch Control Rev Limit Slots are configurable in Accesstuner Pro and selectable via the Accessport.  In the table above you can see how each slot will behave when using COBB Off The Shelf Maps.  Each slot has a specific starting RPM limit while the vehicle is stationary which then progresses up as un-driven (rear) wheel speed increases post-launch.

Beyond the dynamic RPM Limit, we also offer dynamic Load based on un-driven wheel speed.  This consists of a tunable table within Accesstuner Pro and a user-adjustable scalar on the Accessport itself.

Flat Foot Shifting

Hey, a Fuel-Cut RPM Limiter that actually works!  We often see complaints of this feature being great, when it works, on other tuning platforms so it only made sense to make ours more robust.  Our Flat Foot Shifting system successfully keeps the throttle plate open and bypass valve shut to retain positive boost pressure during shifts.  The FFS RPM Limit is set to a default of 5500 RPM in COBB OTS Maps.  It is configurable on the Accessport by increments of 50 RPM.  For custom tunes, a Protuner can set the default starting value in Accesstuner Pro.

Burnout Mode

Enabling burnout mode is straight forward.  Simply press and hold the ‘Cruise’ button on the car’s steering wheel while simultaneously going through the standard Launch Control Steps.  Holding the ‘Cruise” button pushes the Launch Control RPM limit out of the way, allowing for wheel speed to increase to a point where building heat is quicker and easier. Once you have completed a burnout, simply release the ‘Cruise’ button and move forward with the normal Launch Control steps.  The Burnout Mode Limit is set to 6000RPM in COBB OTS Maps.  It is not adjustable on the Accessport but can be configured in Accesstuner Pro by a Protuner.

For more in-depth and how-to information, head over to our Knowledge Base – COBB Custom Features – Honda

Great! How Do I Get It?

There are two ways to access these features.  If you are utilizing a COBB Off The Shelf Map, simply update the Firmware on your Accessport to receive the newest version.  The following COBB OTS Maps have all CCF Features enabled by default.

  • Stage 1 91 OCT or 95 RON v101

  • Stage 1 93 OCT or 98 RON v101

If you have had your Type R custom tuned with one of our Protuners, you will need to reach out to them to have your map file updated to include these features.

Custom Tuning

More than 30 new tables have been added to our custom tuning software, Accesstuner Pro.  If your Type R has been custom tuned by a COBB Protuner, all of these features can be enabled and configured to best match your car’s configuration and goals.  Contact your Protuner to have existing custom maps updated.

  • Flat Foot Shifting Tables:

    • Accelerator Pedal Position Min.

    • Master Switch (FFS)

    • Maximum RPM for Fuel Cut (FFS)

    • Rev Limit (FFS)

    • Wheel Speed Min.

  • Launch Control Safety Switches:

    • Coolant Temperature Safety Switch

    • Engine Oil Temperature Safety Switch

    • Exhaust Gas Temperature Safety Switch

    • Launch Control Activated Time Out Switch

    • Steering Wheel Angle Safety Switch

  • Launch Control Safety Tables:

    • Coolant Temperature Max.

    • Coolant Temperature Min.

    • Engine Oil Temperature Max.

    • Engine Oil Temperature Min.

    • Exhaust Gas Temperature Max.

    • Launch Control Time Out

    • Steering Wheel Angle Max.

  • Launch Control Tables:

    • Accelerator Pedal Position Min.

    • Burnout Mode Wheel Speed Min.

    • Burnout Rev Limit

    • Clutch Brake Bypass Switch

    • Launch Control Delay

    • Launch Control Load Scaled Max

    • Load Target

    • Master Switch (LC)

    • Maximum RPM for Fuel Cut (LC)

    • Rev Limit (LC)

    • Rev Limit Slot Default

    • Target Throttle Angle

    • Wheel Speed Max.

    • Wheel Speed Min.

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