COBB Tuning is excited to announce another update of the MAZDASPEED AccessTUNER software, continuing to enhance features and functionality. This release includes several new tables that enhance tuning control, as well as addresses a few known bugs from previous releases. Read on to learn how COBB Tuning is working to keep the AccessPORT and AccessTUNER engine management solution at the forefront of MAZDASPEED tuning.

New Tables
These new tables give additional control of the ECU to both professional and enthusiast tuners.


  • Volumetric Efficiency (VE)(BETA) – This table lets the user fine-tune the efficiency settings of the engine away from OEM volumetric efficiency defaults. Now changes in engine hardware, headwork and manifolds that alter the efficiency of the engine can be accounted for in fueling and load calculations.


  • Ign Global Max (BETA) – This table sets the maximum allowed ignition timing the ECU can attain.


  • Knock Retard – Max Allowed Global (BETA) – Based on community requests, this new table sets the maximum amount of knock induced ignition retardation allowed by the ECU, based on RPM range. This will enable higher knock retard values for additional engine protection.


  • WG Duty Baro Error Comp (Fine)(Load Based) – As another community request, this new table is the alternate to “Load Dynamics” and is referenced when “WG Duty Throttle Close Baro Threshold” is exceeded. Similar to “Boost Error Compensation”. This allows for true Load Tuning of the boost control system.

Tuning Guide
The tuning guide has been updated to version 2.11 to include updated table descriptions. Click here to download the new MAZDASPEED AccessTUNER Tuning Guide.

Bug Fixes
As with all complex software, bugs are discovered post release. These are the bug fixes addressed in this release:

  • Removed extra toggle for “Use Abs. Load Target Table (Boost Control)”.
    (2006-07 MS6, 07-09 MS3)
  • Boost Based Gear compensation tables are shifted back to the correct location.
    (2009 MS3)
  • Ignition tables now show correct increments to 2.00 Load.
    (2010-2012 MS3)
  • Idle table fix – Added missing table row.
    (2010-2012 MS3)
  • “Boost Baro Comp” now re-labeled as “WG Duty Throttle Close Baro Threshold (Load Based)” to reflect the properties of the table with Boost Throttle close table.
  • “Load Dynamics” now re-labeled as “WG Duty Load Dynamics (Fine) (Load Based)” to clarify toggle’s influence on table. Table has been moved into the “WG Duty Dynamics” folder.
  • “WG Duty Boost Error Comp” now re-labeled as “(Fine) (Boost Based)” to clarify which tables are affected by toggle.

Acquiring AccessTUNER Update
Existing AccessTUNER users can update their existing software to the latest version following these Step-By-Step Software Update Instructions. If you do not have AccessTUNER Race, fill out the AccessTUNER Race Request Form to receive a download link.

Dmitriy Torchilo on May 21, 2016 says:

Whenever i click on the accesstuner race request form i get an error link instead. Is there a different way of getting the program?

    Marshall on May 23, 2016 says:

    Hey there, Accesstuner Race is currently unavailable. We are hoping to re-release the software by the end of this summer. In the meantime, we recommend reaching out to a COBB Shop or Protuner for any custom tuning needs.