MK7 MPI and ROM Consolidation

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We’ve got two major updates for the 2014 – 2018 USDM MK7 Golf GTI and R!!! For those craving big power, MPI (aka dual injection) support is now officially live, and our engineering team has completed an important project that affects all USDM MK7 owners called …ROM Consolidation. Please read below for all the juicy details.


If you want more power, you need more fuel but eventually, your stock injectors simply run out of flow. The answer to that conundrum is Dual Injection, or what VW folks commonly refer to as MPI (Multi-Port Injecton). The V3 Accessport and AccesstunerPro software that our approved ProTuner network use for custom tuning now hold that power! Check out this video if you are still a little stumped about what MPI actually is.

Now that you get the general idea of the value of MPI …your next question might be, “how do I get it on my car?“. If so, the short answer is that there are three general steps.

Step 1: Find a COBB Approved VW ProTuner!

The process of adding a dual injection system to a car that doesn’t already have it naturally requires custom tuning. So if you don’t already have a favorite COBB certified VW ProTuner/Shop, time to find one. You can use our dealer locator page to see who is in your area: CLICK HERE

Step 2: Update your Accessport!

By the time you read this, new Accessport and AccesstunerPro updates will be live. (Make sure your Accessport is up to date by using Accessport Manager)

Step 3: Get the Hardware!

On the software/ECU Tuning side of things, if you have an Accessport, you have everything you and your ProTuner need to tune a MK7 with an MPI system installed. But the hardware side of that equation is up to you. So now that you have a new tuning best buddy, have a friendly chat to determine which of the various MPI kits available on the aftermarket are best for your goals. There are a few different combinations of turbos, injectors, rails, and MPI adaptation kits that you can choose from to apply dual-injection to your car. Each have pros/cons and suit different power levels.

So choose wisely…bolt it all in…strap the car on the dyno…and watch your ProTuner make all the power!

Ed car track1 crop whie space MPI Rail crop
MK7 R by Equilibrium Tuning with MPI calibration via the COBB Accessport V3

See it in action

“Yeah…HA HA HA HA!” 

dyno MPI whie space time slip MPI crop 2

ROM Consolidation

“What the heck is that?” Good question!

ROM Consolidation is a very cool change to the way that our development team for VW manages all the different vehicle ID’s and operating systems found in USDM MK7’s. It’s a topic that many car enthusiasts aren’t super aware of and it has little direct impact on how you interact with either your car or the Accessport but it greatly changes the way we do our work behind the scenes to bring you new features and updates.

A ROM is essentially the version of software that lives on the cars ECU. In order to flash an ECU for the purpose of tuning with an Accessport, we need to expose, identify, and then modify that ROM. Unfortunately, most manufacturers don’t use just one or two versions. Most cars have several if not dozens of different ROM versions. That can be very annoying for us because we have to gather all of those ROMs and repeat a lot of work to make sure we support as many as possible so no matter what version happens to be on a certain car, that customer can use the Accessport just like everyone else.

Golf R Stock whie space Golf R CCF whie space whie space whie space GTI Stock ROM whie space GTI CCF
(one of many)
Custom COBB MK7 Golf R
ROM ID (the only one)
(one of many)
Custom COBB MK7 Golf GTI
ROM ID (the only one)

The examples above show how the ID will change in the About Menu on the Accessport once the latest updates are applied. The initial OEM ROM ID can vary from car to car but every single MK7 with the latest updates from the Accessport will all share one single ROM (as seen with the COBB01 tag in the ID). The ability to consolidate all of those ROMs down to just a one drastically decreases the workload for our dev team. It saves a ton of time and simplifies a lot of work. What that means for you is that projects get done faster and ProTuners can treat each car they tune the same. So in the long run, you get more features more frequently, ProTuners tune more cars at a faster rate, and everyone smiles and shares sweet high fives!


Important Note – All previous map revisions or custom Protuned maps will remain functional but from this point forward. In order to benefit from any new features (like MPI), new OTS maps, or literally any updates made to the MK7 platform in the future…you have to be on the COBB Custom Consolidated ROM.

If you are currently using COBB OTS Maps, all that means is that you need to update your Accessport and flash to the latest map revision. For those with custom tunes, simply contact your Protuner.

Reference the Map Notes for additional information.

Contact Support with any questions
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 866-922-3059

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  1. With quicker development available, is there a roadmap/timeline to:
    1. Accesstuner “Race”
    2. Flex Fuel support

    • Hi Mark,

      Good question. Both of those projects are on the radar but no ETA at this time. Ironically the ROM Con benefits do help certain aspects of dev work on projects like those but there are other barriers that play a factor as well. But stay in touch, we’ve got a lot of VW projects going on or on the horizon.

      [email protected]

  2. Is there a way to return to previous firmware? The new update deemed my custom tunes usable. They are Greyed out.

    • Hey Stephen,

      You should be able to transition onto a consolidated ROM version for your car and continue using your custom calibration without issue. We may need some additional information from your specific information if this process isn’t working for you. Feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team at 1-866-922-3059 or [email protected] if you need additional assistance.

      [email protected]

  3. Hello, I updated the firmware on my MK7.5 and now all I can install is v201.
    In your map notes the most recent map for the MK7.5 is v105. I want that version, or even my previous v102 back. I am unappy with the power delivery on v201.
    It says v105 is locked to another (ROM I’m guessing).
    It was a big mistake as now I feel im stuck on the same map as an MK7 and really do not like the power delivery with v201.

    • Hi Daniel,

      That is odd, the v2.01 maps are specifically for the MK7 cars. So that scenario doesn’t really make sense. I’ll have someone from our support team reach out to you to help figure it out.

      Adam @ COBB

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