New 991.2 GT2RS OTS ECU and PDK Maps + 718 GT4 Clubsport Tuning

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Driving any Porsche, even entry-level models is a special experience…but when you get behind the wheel of one that has the letters “GT” in the name. Suddenly, “special” is quite the understatement…BUT…if that GT is followed by the letters “RS” or the word “Clubsport” ….you might need to pinch yourself to make sure you didn’t die and go to car heaven. There really is nothing like the overall balance of insane performance and exceptional quality that is found in the top shelf Porsche cars. But even the very best production cars can still be improved. So of course, we have some awesome updates for the 718 GT4 Clubsport and the 991.2 GT2RS to raise the bar even higher!!!

Over 700 Wheel Horsepower in an OTS Map!

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A few months ago, our Porsche R&D team released a very significant update to the 991.2 platform that greatly expanded access to literally hundreds of engine management tables in the ECU (see the details here). That update allowed our calibration team to revise the previous OTS maps and produce more power than ever along with greater control at the limit without sacrificing the casual driving experience. Since then we have been able to get our hands on a GT2RS at the COBB Tuning HQ to apply those very same improvements to uncover even greater performance gains than before.

We also took this opportunity to create an off-the-shelf map for 100 octane fuel.  This new map is a bit of a milestone for us at COBB as it is the first OTS map file that produces over 700 wheel horsepower!

Updated Map Details: v106 Maps for 991.2 GT2RS

  • Stage 0 v106
  • Stage1 91 OCT or 95 RON v106
  • Stage1 93 OCT or 98 RON v106
  • Stage1 100 OCT or 105 RON v106

Full Map Notes Here.

GT2RS PDK Tuning

GT2RS Dyno-12

Increased power is great but improved ability to harness that power is even better. The Porsche PDK is one of, if not the best, mass-produced dual-clutch transmissions available. I love a manual gearbox as much as any other enthusiast but you can’t argue with unmatched performance. PDK tuning via the Accessport now solidifies that argument even more. A full set of new off-the-shelf PDK maps specifically for the GT2RS ensure the transmission will perform at it’s absolute best in any driving situation.

CLICK HERE to see all the details about the included PDK Accessport Maps.


GT2RS Accessport V3: ECU + PDK Tuning

GT2RS Accessport V3: ECU Tuning Only

GT2RS Accessport V3: PDK Upgrade

718 GT4 Clubsport Custom Tuning

The 718 GT4 Clubsport is a literal racecar that can be purchased by the average Joe with enough funds. Improvements in racing are measured in a higher resolution at a micro-scale compared to even the most high-end performance based streetcars. The GT4 Clubsport is naturally aspirated, meaning that you won’t see the massive power gains from aftermarket tuning found in turbo models, but in a car built specifically for the race track, any improvements make a difference.

718 GT4 ClubSport Keith Treder-4 crop whiteness 718 GT4 ClubSport Keith Treder-5

718 GT4 ClubSport Keith Treder-8

Adding support for custom tuning of the ECU and PDK for the GT4 via our authorized Porsche Protuners allows any owner of a Clubsport to specifically calibrate the vehicle’s behavior for multiple scenarios that can be changed at the track to draw the optimal performance out of a car built specifically for that reason. This includes the ability to create maps for various fuel types, temperature ranges, and environmental conditions, ensuring the car is producing maximum output for race day.


718 GT4 Clubsport Accessport V3: ECU Tuning Only


The Accessport for the 718 GT4 Clubsport comes with a Stage 0 map which utilizes the OEM calibration data and allows for real-time monitoring and datalloging. The Stage 0 map also installs the Accessport to the ECU allowing for custom tuning via one of our excellent Porsche Protuners in order to fully unlock the potential of the Accessport.

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