New AccessPORT Beta Maps for BMW 1M


We have just released a new v4.02 BETA Off-The-Shelf Maps for the BMW 1M. The map database now includes the full compliment of Stage1, Stage1+, Stage2 and Stage2+ maps for the BMW 1M. Maps are available in the BMW AccessPORT Map Database. Simply click the red BETA Maps button, review the acceptance page, and click the I Accept button to be taken to the BETA maps. If you are unfamiliar with the process of downloading maps, transferring them to your AccessPORT and flashing the ECU, please review our Step-by-Step Map Download and Transfer Tutorial.

2 responses to “New AccessPORT Beta Maps for BMW 1M”

  1. I would like to see some estimate Power Output for this Car (BMW 1M)
    Could be:
    Stage1 Aggressive and Sort, ST LT.
    Thank you!

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