New Auto-Logging Feature Added To COBB Accessport!

AP Automatic Datalog
Automatic is Easy!

The world’s easiest to use tuning solution, the COBB Accessport, just got even easier! With today’s corresponding update and future updates for other platforms, the Accessport now gives users the ability to have the device automatically and instantly start datalogging once the device powers on. If you’ve ever been asked to get a datalog of the vehicle starting or get to your destination and realize that you forgot to log the drive, enabling this feature will be your saving grace!

What is Auto-Logging?

Auto-Logging on the COBB Accessport is a new feature designed to automatically begin a datalog as soon as the Accessport powers on without the need to press a button. As soon as the device sees power, datalogging starts recording all of the parameters from either the default log list or if you’ve opted to manually choose different monitors to record based on your personal preference or perhaps values that your authorized protuner has requested, that datalog list would be used instead.

How Do I Enable Auto-Logging on the Accessport?

By default, the Accessport will retain it’s original method of having to manually start and stop datalog recording by use of the AP’s center button so no change immediately after updating your firmware. However to take advantage of being able to automatically begin a datalog without any action by the user, you’ll need to enable it in the the settings menu. Follow these steps:

  • From the main menu, choose the “Gauges” option
  • Hit the UP button to go to SETUP and choose CONFIGURE DATALOGGING
  • From there, you’ll be presented with a datalog list and once again use the UP button to go to SETUP
  • Choose Automatic

Auto Datalog
For a more in-depth guide, follow this link to a section of our “How To Datalog” documentation: HERE

Does My Device Have The Ability to Automatically Datalog yet?

With this upgraded functionality available to our platform development teams, they are working to get it added, tested, and released. Depending on the specific team and their current in-progress work, the Accessport’s Auto-Logging function will be on your device soon. As of right now, you will see it on the following units once your device’s firmware is updated to corresponding version using the latest version of our Accessport Manager program:

  • Volkswagen
    • AP3-VLK-001:
    • AP3-VLK-002:
    • AP3-VLK-003:
    • AP3-VLK-004:
    • AP3-VLK-005:
    • AP3-VLK-006:
  • Honda
    • AP3-HON-001:

We’ll be continuing to push out updates and update this blog post as new platforms and handsets release this beloved functionality!

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