New Mazdaspeed OTS Maps and Mazdaspeed Accesstuner Improvements


Our Mazda Experts have been at work in recent months to bring some much needed updates to the Mazdaspeed Accessport, Off The Shelf Maps, and Mazda Accesstuner software.

Mazdaspeed Accessport Firmware Updates (AP3-MAZ-002)

The following updates can be found on Version 3 Accesssports utilizing firmware version or newer.  To update your Accessport, connect it to a computer with Accessport Manager installed and follow the steps outlined on this page : STEP-BY-STEP FIRMWARE UPDATE INSTRUCTIONS

Added Idle RPM Adjustment Capability

Creating additional vacuum at idle can help to subdue an exhaust smoking problem that is common on Mazdaspeed vehicles. With Advanced Tuning Settings activated on V3 Accessports, users will now see an option to adjust idle RPM in 50 RPM increments with a range of +/- 300 RPM from the initial idle value.  Once enabled, users will be prompted to adjust the Idle RPM during a Map Change.  Most have found an increment of 100-150 RPM addresses issues with smoking at idle.  Please note, adjusting the idle values too low may prevent the car from being able to maintain idle.

Idle_adjustment_setting Expected working UI during a map change

Updated Off The Shelf Maps

Some Mazdaspeed owners have reported overboosting issues on cars with upgraded turbo-back exhausts.  This primarily occurs during winter months when air density reaches higher levels.  Previous updates added the ability to manipulate Wastegate Duty Cycle on the Accessport in an attempt to bring boost levels down.  For this update, we’ve taken it a step further.  All Stage 2 and Stage 3 Off The Shelf Maps have been up-revved to improve compensations during those colder months and now feature a closed-loop boost control tuning strategy which will improve boost control year-round, regardless of temperature.   The following map files feature these updates:

USDM Vehicle Applications:

  • Stage2 91 v250.ptm
  • Stage2 93 v250.ptm
  • Stage3 91 v250.ptm
  • Stage3 93 v250.ptm

WM Vehicle Applications:

  • Stage2 95 v250.ptm
  • Stage2 98 v250.ptm
  • Stage3 95 v250.ptm
  • Stage3 98 v250.ptm

**Additional information regarding available Off The Shelf Maps can be found in the Map Notes linked below.

Mazdaspeed3 Map Notes

Mazdaspeed6 Map Notes

Mazda Accesstuner Updates


Both Accesstuner and Accesstuner Pro are receiving updates that we have rolled out across other platforms recently.  Software version number and newer will include the following updates.

Enhanced Map Compare Feature

The Map Compare feature for Accesstuner receives some handy updates with this release.

First, a Comparison Summary is now displayed after comparing two map files which will list the tables that have differences.


Next is an Accesstuner Pro-only feature: the ability to “Compare to Other Stock” which allows COBB Protuners to compare factory data across model years to see calibration changes the manufacturers have made.

compare_to_other_stock compare_to_other_stock_picker

All Accesstuner users now have the ability to Import Map Properties along with the calibration data in tables desired.  This allows users to import map descriptions, revision numbers, and AP Serial Numbers.


An additional useful feature is the ability to Import Tables either from an alternative map file or from a stock calibration file.  Once a map has been selected, users can select which data to import from that particular file.

file_import import_tables_from_map


Load Map from ECU Selection Panel

An improvement to the ECU Selection Panel now allows users to load a map file before having to choose an ECU type.  This can be convenient for Protuners who need to make updates to a custom tune file where the file name does not indicate the exact ECU type.


Miscellaneous Table Fixes

An assortment of tables have been updated to address minor bugs or incorrect descriptions.  Tables that have been labeled as “BETA” no longer carry that tag as they have been verified using internal and external testing.


Javier Mart?nez on February 8, 2017 says:

i want know if it’s possible having to anti lag with the AP

    Marshall on February 9, 2017 says:

    While we do not offer a specific anti-lag feature as a part of the Accessport, a Certified Protuner may be able to produce similar results with existing tables.


raheem hassan on February 10, 2017 says:

We have been asking for anti-Lag for a good number of year we now had to pay additional 150 for software to get new updates but yet no anti-lag we have to install a wot box just for that feature when you have to ability to add that to our software why no love for our community it on the forum people ask for it all the time but it seems if it not a Subaru our platform is second rate I guess and we will keep getting same answer we have no plans to add that to your software

raheem hassan on February 10, 2017 says:

And also can you increase out tables to at least 8000 rpms

    Marshall on February 13, 2017 says:

    We did some testing with extending the RPM range in the past and it did function as expected. If you have a car that is in need of that tuning capacity I recommend reaching out to Tuned By Nishan.


John Pun on February 10, 2017 says:

Any updates for DFCO/or other table so we can have some nice exhaust pops and crackles on decel like the Ford RS?

    Marshall on February 13, 2017 says:

    No plans to add those tables currently. Sorry!


rafael caputis on May 8, 2017 says:

I’m not sure if I’m in the right place for a question on my cobb, any way, I removed my cobb from my previews Mazdaspeed 3 2009 and I bought a 2013, but I didn’t disconnect properly the access port from the old car, how I can reset my cobb and install IT on my new mazda, please can somebody help. thanks

    Marshall on May 9, 2017 says:

    Hey Rafael, if the Accessport was not completely Uninstalled from the original car it will need to be relicensed before it can be used again. Reach out to our Customer Service department at 1-866-922-3059 or and we’ll get you taken care of!


Hayden Smith on October 7, 2018 says:

Hi, are we ever going to get anti-lag added for are Mazda 6’s??? I see its been over a year since this q was last asked. There is a lot of people here in NZ wanting this added to stage 2 and 3 maps and we don’t have a lot of custom tuners available to do this around the country . Cheers

    Adam Hill
    Adam Hill on October 9, 2018 says:

    Hi Hayden,

    A proper anti-lag system is not very likely, sorry for the bad news.