New OEM+ PDK Maps for Supported 991.1 | 981 Vehicles


Just over a year ago we released a world’s first, custom tuning for PDK Transmissions in select Porsche vehicles.  As more and more vehicle systems become intermingled, we find it necessary to account for increased engine power within other control units.  In this case, manipulating shift schedules, line pressures, and shift times allows Porsche’s PDK transmission to more efficiently put power to the pavement.

By October we introduced a hand-full of custom features within the COBB Sequential Style PDK Maps which really took transmission tuning to the next level.  The features within the Sequential Style map provided a driving experience much more akin to Porsche’s GT-cars.   The most important part of the continued development of a new product is listening to customer feedback to see where opportunities may lie.  After a good chunk of time, it became evident that a number of people are interested in a PDK OTS map that includes the custom features found within our Sequential Style map but would prefer to have the factory shift schedule left in place for normal, everyday driving.  We are excited to announce that the all-new OEM+PDK OTS Maps achieve just that!


The COBB OEM+ PDK OTS Maps take all of the awesome custom features from our Sequential Style map and incorporate factory shift points.  This allows users to have a more subdued and comfortable driving experience while in Automatic mode (Normal, Sport, and Sport Plus modes) but enjoy features when the car is being manually shifted.

Inverted Shifter Stalk

This feature reverses the functionality of the factory shifter stalk. Originally an upshift was achieved by pressing the stalk forward (towards the dash) and a downshift by pulling the stalk backward (towards the driver). With this operation inverted, shifting gears is now similar to the GT3 or cars that utilize a sequential gearbox.

Neutral by Paddles

Dropping the transmission into neutral can now be achieved by grabbing and holding both paddles simultaneously. This can be convenient on the road course if a coming into a corner hot or if you simply want to coast for a brief time on the road.

Kick-down Eliminated

A vehicle’s kick-down switch is engaged by depressing the accelerator pedal all of the way to the floor. Normally this action triggers a car to down-shift, even in Manual mode. We have disabled the down-shift in order to avoid the car shifting unexpectedly.

Idle Creep Disable

This feature prevents clutch engagement until the accelerator pedal is used. While in gear at a stop, the car will not roll forward or backward until it sees driver input through the accelerator pedal. This can be convenient after heavy braking while coming to a stop.

Additional information regarding COBB Off The Shelf Maps can be found on the Map Notes Page.

Supported Vehicles

Porsche 981 NA

2014-2016 Porsche Cayman (981) PDK WM
2014-2016 Porsche Cayman (981) S PDK WM
2015-2016 Porsche Cayman (981) GTS PDK WM
2016 Porsche Cayman (981) GT4 Clubsport PDK WM
2013-2016 Porsche Boxster (981) PDK WM
2013-2016 Porsche Boxster (981) S PDK WM
2015-2016 Porsche Boxster (981) GTS PDK WM

Porsche 991.1 NA

2012-2016 Porsche Carrera (991.1) PDK WM
2012-2016 Porsche Carrera (991.1) S PDK WM
2012-2016 Porsche Carrera (991.1) S X51 PDK WM
2013-2016 Porsche Carrera (991.1) 4 PDK WM
2013-2016 Porsche Carrera (991.1) 4S PDK WM
2013-2016 Porsche Carrera (991.1) 4S X51 PDK WM
2015-2016 Porsche Carrera (991.1) GTS PDK WM
2015-2016 Porsche Carrera (991.1) 4GTS PDK WM

Porsche 991.1 Turbo

2014-2016 Porsche Turbo (991.1) PDK WM
2014-2016 Porsche Turbo S (991.1) PDK WM

How Do I Get It?

As always, COBB Off The Shelf Maps are included with an Accessport purchase.  Any Accessport shipped from COBB after this release will have the most recent map files pre-loaded.  Existing Accessport users can either update firmware using Accessport Manager or download maps from the maps section of our website.

Click Here for Step-by-Step Accessport Firmware Update Instructions

Click Here for Map Downloads

Interested in a bit more information on transmission tuning in general?  Check out this video by Gears and Gasoline!


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