Nissan GT-R Updates – Advanced Features for Accesstuner, Updated Stage 3 OTS Maps, and More!

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Major firmware and AccessTuner updates for your Nissan GTR! These new features include Staged Injection, Auto Shifting in Manual Race Mode, COBB Boost Cut, Fuel Pump Testing, Wall Wetting Tables, and DBA Style Ignition for 1st Generation CBA vehicles!  The latest v705 Stage 3 OTS maps have been revised to include Boost Control Compensations For Barometric Pressure and Intake Air Temperature which have also been added to Accesstuner.

Accessport Firmware Updates

Version now available for all GTR models.

New Vehicle Support

The 2016 East Asia GT-R is now supported with the NIS-007 and 008 Accessport and includes all new features from this release.

New Stage3 OTS Maps

v705 Stage 3 maps are now available for all supported Nissan GT-Rs.  The updated maps include the newly added COBB Advanced Boost Control for Barometric Pressure and Intake Air Temperature compensations and corrected fuel scaling for 1300x/COBB 1300x injectors.

**Important** – If you are currently using previous versions of the Stage3 OTS maps. We highly recommend reflashing to the v705 to benefit from the increased margin of safety produced by these updates.

Additional Updates

Support for the LC2 JF02E TCM has been added.

The Accessport is now able to reset the Pop Up Engine Hood Pedestrian Protection module specific to the 2015+ EDM/JDM vehicles.  This can be done through the “Troubleshooting” -> “Reset ECU” function.

Users can now identify a vehicle through the “Troubleshooting” section.

Accesstuner Updates

Staged Injection Support

12 Injector Control – The new staged injection feature allows users to control 12 injectors through custom code on the factory ECU.  The most common use would be for smaller primary and larger secondary injectors allowing you to have an incredibly high power street car that is capable of stock-like behavior under lighter loads.  Multiple activation thresholds and transition compensations allow smooth progression between stock and big power.

COBB Multi-Fuel – The software will also allow a secondary fuel type to be used with the secondary injectors (requires a supplemental fuel cell).  Under high load conditions, a completely separate fuel system can be utilized to inject a different fuel type compared to the primary fuel source. In short, multi-fuel allows the staged injection system to use an alternate fuel type for the secondary injectors such as methanol, ethanol, race fuel etc.

Auto Up Shift in Manual Race Mode

This feature allows you to set auto shift points for the GT-R in Manual Race Mode. No more missed shifts!
In practical application what that means is. You can program the transmission to automatically shift at a specific RPM per gear while still retaining manual shifting ability at any time. Setting shift points provides dependable and consistent shifting for the best 1/4 mile times.

COBB Advanced Boost Control

COBB Boost Cut has been updated and revised to allow better control and faster response of the overboost fuel cut functionality. The factory boost control system is not always reliable. This feature now includes Boost Control Compensations for Barometric Pressure and Intake Air Temperature which will add dynamic control across various atmospheric and environmental conditions.

Wall Wetting Tables

Wall wetting allows for better fueling control during transient throttle situations.

DBA Style Ignition for 1st Generation CBA Ignition Files

All CBA (2008-2011 USDM) vehicles now feature the option to implement the newer DBA (2012+ USDM) style ignitions timing strategy.  Producing a more unified and simple approach to tuning and troubleshooting ignition timing for all GTRs.

Workflow Improvements

Accesstuner now has extended capabilities with the map comparison feature.  Tables that were previously not able to be compared are now listed along with any new tables being compared between two maps.

User definable hotkeys have been added.  These can be found under the Options -> Keyboard menu.

Per Gear Ignition Compensation – There was an issue with the logic involving Per Gear Ignition Compensation.  To apply the fix for an impacted calibration simply update to the latest Accesstuner build.  Make sure to review the appropriate calibration changes with the vehicle as previous adjustments will need to be revised once the ignition compensations are functioning properly.

Fixes for Bump Box and Staged Injection compensation – Under certain conditions, these systems were not working as intended. Simply resaving and reflashing the map should resolve these issues.   


Implementation of these new features means Accesstuner is no longer compatible with Windows XP or Windows Vista. The Accesstuner software will no longer work if updated in these operating systems. Users with these operating systems should avoid the update or install the software on a supported Windows system (Windows 7 or higher).


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