Nissan GT-R Updates – V702 OTS Maps and COBB Fuel Pressure Sensor Kit

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Updates have been made to the GT-R platform.  This includes the V702 Off The Shelf (OTS) maps and the introduction of the COBB Fuel Pressure Sensor.

Map Updates

Minor changes have been made for the V702 maps.  These changes include updated knock sensitivity tables (back to stock values, previously using 2012 strategy which was more sensitive) on pertinent (2015+ WM and 2016+ USDM) vehicles.  If your 2015+ GT-R was having knock issues due to the increased sensitivity of the earlier model year strategy, that issue will no longer be present with the v702 maps.  Off The Shelf maps for model years prior to 2015 are unchanged but had version numbers uprevved for parity.

The new maps are available through a simple firmware update and then using the “Restore OTS Maps” feature in the Accessport or they can be downloaded directly from the website.

New Hard Parts


The COBB Fuel Pressure Sensor Kit is also now available for the GT-R platform.  Monitoring fuel pressure is vital on any vehicle, especially those that are asking more of their fuel system.  As demand on a fuel system increases, so do the consequences of a failure.  Monitoring fuel pressure will alert users if there is a fault in the vehicles’s fuel system.  Utilizing existing inputs, the Fuel Pressure Sensor Kit allows users to monitor Fuel Pressure on a custom Accessport monitor.  This is addition is especially recommended for any Flex Fuel setup.  Detailed install instructions for the COBB GT-R Fuel Pressure Sensor Kit can be found here.

If you have any questions on the update process, Fuel Pressure Sensor Kit, or any other questions, contact us at or give us a call at 866-922-3059 and we’ll be glad to help!

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