Performance Nissan Meet

On the road again…


This past weekend Dave, Joe and Billy went to the Performance Nissan meet out in San Bernardino, CA. Many thanks to Andy and the rest of the Performance Nissan/ crew for hosting the event. It was a great time and a good opportunity to get to know more Nissan enthusiasts. Nissan even brought out one of their North American-spec GT-R test vehicles for display. It’s too bad they wouldn’t let us read the data off the ECU. 😉 Oh well, maybe next time.

Here are a few pics from the event.




My favorite pic…

P.S. To all of our Mazdaspeed3 owners/fans out there, before you start submitting comments keep in mind that several of us (myself included!) stayed at the office working through the entire weekend, as I have for several weeks (months even) straight preparing the AccessPORT and tuning calibrations for your car.   Your day for AccessPORT bliss is coming very, very soon.  Sleep well knowing that, and believe me we’ll actually get a full night sleep once it is released! 🙂

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