Porsche 991 Turbo and Turbo S Accessport is Now Available!

photo: facebook.com/aecars 

The Accessport is the easiest modification you’ll ever install.  Simply plug the cable into the OBD port in your vehicle, connect the cable to the Accessport, and then select install from the main menu.  You will then be prompted to select from a list of Off The Shelf maps.  Select your map and about 5 minutes later, your Porsche is ready to be unleashed!After lots of testing on development cars throughout the country, and more data gathering and analysis on a 991 Pikes Peak Hillclimb Racecar, we’re happy to announce the final product is now available!  The Accessport for the 2014-2015 Porsche 911 Turbo and Turbo S is the ONLY handheld flash option.  It comes with Stage1 and Stage2 Off The Shelf maps as well as complete custom tuning capabilities for any modification level.

Pictured below is our initial Stock Baseline pull on 91 octane fuel along with a Stage 1 OTS map using 93 octane fuel.  A Stage 1 map would be used on an otherwise completely stock vehicle.  Power under the curve is significantly increased throughout the low and mid range.  Maximum gains of around 60whp are seen between 3000-4000 RPM.  Most impressive is the increase in low-end torque, with gains of over 100 ft/lbs!
Stage 1 Stock to 93

Next up, Stage 2.  A Stage 2 map is calibrated to be used on a car with upgraded exhaust.  As is evident with the power gains, the motor is able to flow a significantly greater amount of air with the freer flowing exhaust.  With gains of 120 ft/lbs down low and nearly 100 hp at peak, the cars become a whole new animal.  We are able to be a touch more aggressive utilizing 100 octane fuel, this will be a great option for customers interested in tracking their car where detonation resistance is key.

Stock vs 93 vs 100 octane Stage 2


The Accessport has several capabilities beyond flashing maps.  It is also a diagnostic tool capable of reading and clearing codes, has the ability to monitor and datalog from hundreds of parameters in real time, and offers performance measurements like 1/4 mile, 0-60, and dynamometer results.  It’s the easiest, best modification out there and only tuning/diagnostic tool your Porsche will ever need!  Get yours HERE!

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