Porsche Carrera 991.2 OTS Map Updates

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We are always looking for ways to improve on the quality and performance of our products to provide the best experience for enthusiasts. Sometimes that process includes driving fast cars around Formula 1 race tracks! It’s tough…we know…but somebody has to do it.

Over the course of the last several months and a few trips to COTA and Harris Hill with our 991.2 Carrera GTS, S, and Carrera 3.0T development cars, we’ve found some ways to make the already solid Stage1 and Stage2 OTS maps even better!

Update Details


For daily cruising around town, the revised maps will mostly feel the same. There simply isn’t much need for improvement in low load situation, On the other hand, for those that like to really stretch the legs of their Porsche at a track, significant improvements have been made to balance higher temperatures with consistent power, boost, and knock control. We’ve also rolled in improvements that produce better PDK shifting behavior under extended WOT conditions.

With feedback from customers combined with our own continued stress testing, we discovered that the previous iterations of the maps worked wonderfully under most conditions but a few issues would appear when the cars were pushed to their limits. As temperatures increased under prolonged heavy throttle, symptoms of over boosting, engine knock, and inconsistent shifting behavior began to also increase. Not to the point of irreversible damage but beyond the ideal conditions we strive to provide in our OTS tunes.  So with further engineering investigation and calibration time on the dyno and track. We have addressed each of those concerns individually and as a whole to provide a set of revisions that allow the cars to work just as consistently while chasing a personal best time around your favorite circuit as they do while heading to the store to grab your favorite snack.

In short, both of the updated Stage1 and Stage2 OTS v1.05 maps now manage to run even safer, smoother, and more consistently in the most aggressive driving conditions without sacrificing any peak power!

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CLICK HERE to reference the map notes with all of the details about the most current version of Accessport firmware and OTS Maps.

How to Update

To get the latest map for your car, you need to update the firmware on your Accessport and flash the most current revision of the appropriate tune to the ECU. If you’ve never done either of those steps, no worries, this video walks you through the simple steps.

CLICK HERE to download a copy of Accessport Manager.

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