R35 Intake Prototyping

Our engineering staff has been quite busy developing product for the new R35 GT-R.  Josh and Eric have already started work on the exhaust system, and today Billy and Eric put some time in on our SF Intake for the GT-R.  Below are a few pictures of a mock up.
Our R35 SF Intake will feature our composite MAF housings with integrated velocity stack and air flow straighteners.  Air is filtered through high flow, serviceable, blue cotton filters.  As with all modern intake systems, a lot of care and effort must go into keeping the air flow smooth throughout the entire system.  Any failure to do so will lead to stumbles, hesitations, or even a loss in power.  OEMs aren’t slacking when it comes to factory air boxes anymore, and particularly on a car like the GT-R, so you really have to do your homework to make something work well.




Chuck on March 4, 2008 says:

That was fast. Looking forward to the results!

Stephen on March 20, 2008 says:

I am anxious to see the results from this intake change. Are any ideas being considered to ensure the intakes draw in cold air vice the hot underhood air? (Shrouding, Ducting, etc.)

Tan on April 1, 2008 says:

Any heatsoak issues during idle? or any other times?
Can’t wait to see what you guys do to this Japanese monster.

Nick on June 17, 2010 says:

Any updates on the development of a R35 Cobb intake ?

    Travis on June 22, 2010 says:


    We have an intake in the works, but no ETA on when it will be released to the market as of this time.