R35 Manuals

In my opinion, Japanese car manuals have the BEST illustrations. Here are a few memorable ones from the new R35 GT-R manual.

First up, a nice reminder not to let your soda can get behind your brake pedal. A bad situation in ANY vehicle!


If you’re unlucky enough to have your new R35 break down on a train track, use your included flare to alert the train operator. (Who thinks of these horrific scenarios?!?)


Real friends help you push your R35 off the train track and clear of certain disaster. Just remember to put the transmission into Neutral, or else you may loseWeight Exercise your precious R35… oh yeah and some things called friends. ;-)


Sean Morris on February 28, 2008 says:

Post up the “do not rice out your R35” picture. The R35 with a big wing and splitter with an X though it.

Drifter on February 28, 2008 says:

Great manual. :lol:

Avplaya on February 28, 2008 says:

the train scenario are pretty common in Japan, where most people still use trains to get to work and live very near one.

Those aren’t friends… the manual said just get people nearby to help you push it out. I’m sure the dude can get the entire neighborhood to help him push a GT-R to safety. The guy may even give you a ride!

josh on March 5, 2008 says:

is this the real manual?