The ‘uncrackable’ GT-R (R35) ECU


Some claims had been made to suggest the new Nissan GT-R ECU was encrypted and ‘uncrackable’. Well folks, we’ve ‘cracked’ it. Our own GT-R is a JDM version with the fun-sapping 180 kph (112mph) speed limiter. Thankfully, it can now be removed. We’ll continue to do more in-house testing and hopefully get some beta AccessPORTs out to the other two JDM GT-Rs in the US inflicted with the same speed limiter woes. By the time North American spec cars arrive, we should be well prepared and practiced in the art of tuning the GT-R’s ECU.

Stay tuned for more tuning updates as we begin to see what can be extracted from the new GT-R with some ECU tuning!

P.S. For the 2007+ 350Z and newer G35/G37 owners reading this, don’t worry…we’re already testing the AccessPORT for your vehicles as well. We have both a 2007 350Z and a 2008 G37 both undergoing ECU development as we speak. 🙂

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  1. Unmoddable GT-R ECU Cracked, Bye-Bye Speed Limiter [Industry News] …

    Remember the ECU in the Godzilla-like 2009 Nissan GT-R ? Yeah, it was supposedly uncrackable and unmoddable…

  2. Rick, if you read my post there was no bragging involved. I simply stated the fact that we were in. If some other blogs/forums are posting comments that come across as bragging, I suggest you bring it up with them. Again, read MY post…not the post written on the blog that linked you into here.

    Second, if you want to be really technical Power House Amuse wasn’t the first either, or was Mine’s. They both bought their equipment from Techtom who gets their info direct from ‘friends at the factory’. On the other hand our research is all performed in-house.

    Regardless, the ECU is tunable and that’s all we were trying to say. I wasn’t trying to imply anything else. 🙂

  3. Trey – how easy will it be to take what you learned on the JDM ECU and use it on the USDM ECU? Will there be anything holding you back when the USDM cars are here? Will you have maps ready for release with the US car?

  4. 2007+ G35 sedans need some love. We’re all here and ready for some tuning. More than happy to beta one for you. Experienced in beta testing turbo diesel tuning.

  5. Hey Guys,
    Great job. However, the youtube video on cobb Was rather unclear as I saw the meter just moved up a bit. It would be great if you can show it from the front instead of the side. Anyway, what are the further developments that you have got? And does the ECU tune do anything to the car’s computerized information system. Are there any upgrades etc that you can purchase. This guys ( claim that they cracked it too but its all talk at the moment at least your efforts were shown. By the way any information on your full product line for the GTR that is purchaseable? Obviously all of us are interested in performance. Great work guys!

  6. if i buy a gtr i could unlock it.
    and can some one please tell me were i can unlock the limiter

  7. Daniel R – We’ve released our tuning device called the AccessPort about a year ago which would solve your problem. By reflashing the GTR’s factory ECU with any of our premade stage flashes it will remove the factory speed limiter and increase lots of hidden power within your vehicle.

    More information can be found here:


  8. is the gtr cobb tune traceable by nissan when uninstalled through the accessport? will the transmission and engine be able to deal with the extra power and torque?

  9. Even when completely uninstalled, the “black box” records the number of times that the ECU has been flashed. While the dealer most likely won’t know WHAT was flashed to the ECU, they will know that something was flashed to it, even if it is no longer there.

    The transmissions and engines have been holding up very well with the additional power of the AccessPORT.

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