Tuning Tuesday | Accessport for Porsche vs. Chip Tuning

Welcome to our first edition of a new series entitled “Tuning Tuesday”.  This week we will lay out the differences between flash tuning with an Accessport and “chip tuning” from the days of yore.  Vehicles have come a long way in the technology department; luckily, so have tuning options.  We’ll also get a glimpse into the power of the Accessport beyond tuning.  Finally, our Lead Porsche Calibrator Mitch McKee will demonstrate the advantages of tuning – using a 997.2 Porsche Turbo to compare stock power to our Stage 1 Off-The-Shelf Map.  Even with an otherwise stock vehicle, with simiple calibration changes we are able to squeeze out power gains of 14% horsepower and 15% torque.


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