Updated Subaru Turbo Heatshields

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Subaru Turbo Heatshield 2002-2007 WRX, 2004-2008 FXT, 2004-2019 STI

Subaru SS Turbo Heatshield 05-09 LGT, 05-09 OBXT, 08-14WRX, 09-13 FXT

Appearances can be deceiving. You might think…how important can a single piece of stainless steel with 3 little bolts be? You might also assume by looking at it, that it’s a super easy part to install. The answer is that this simple part is very important, and in the past, it could be a big pain in the butt to install. As a result, we’ve made some subtle but effective tweaks to the previous design to make the COBB Subaru turbo heatshield even better in 3 different ways!

Extended Length Edge Flanges – These provide increased coverage of the turbine housing. This creates a cleaner more precise fitment that produces increased radiant heat protection while making your engine bay look sharp in the process.

Expanded Compatibility – Four becomes two. The updated designs allow for the entire line of supported Subaru cars to be covered by only two models of the heatshield versus four with the old design. Meaning¬†the same range of vehicle compatibility with fewer variations of the part. So if you buy a¬†different car or change your OEM turbo, there is a better chance you don’t need to buy a different heatshield.

Easy Install – If you have installed a Subaru heatshield before, you know that it can be far more swear word inducing than expected, especially if you have big hands. But the problem is solved! A couple of small changes make a big difference. The bolt hole locations are now slotted, allowing the shield to be easily adjusted once in place so that the bolts are easy to line-up. Also, most importantly, the lower tab on the passenger side now has a small opening at the bottom. Meaning that you can preemptively insert the bolt and washer while she shield is off and out of the way. Then you simply lower the shield in place and slide a wrench down to tighten it up…no more grumbling foul language while blindly cramming your hand in a tiny gap trying stick a little bolt in a hole you can’t see for 30 minutes!!!!!

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