Volkswagen 1.8T COBB Custom Features Now Live!

Watch out GTI and Golf R owners, little brother now has COBB Custom Features, too! We’re happy to announce the availability of all our CCF (COBB Custom Features) for the 1.8T MQB vehicles such as the Golf, Golf Sportwagen, Alltrack, and A3! Equipped with our COBB Custom Launch Control, Burnout Mode, Flat Foot Shifting, and COBB Custom Traction Control, and surprising gains over factory power,  these under-the-radar vehicles are sure to surprise even the most hardcore purists!

COBB Launch Control

Launch Control RPM is now adjustable by the user through the Accessport! Both Manual and DSG cars are able to select one of 6 Launch Control Rev Limit Slots which will have pre-determined RPM limits.  You may need to experiment with different slots based on your vehicle configuration. Factors such as tires, suspension, and how much torque the car makes all come into play when trying to get off the line effectively.


In the event you prefer different target RPMs for each slot, those RPM values can be configured by your preferred protuner using the below table allowing you to really fine to it to your liking:


Here’s a video showing how to use and configure the Launch Control in-car:

COBB Custom Traction Control

In the enthusiast community, the term “traction control” can sometimes have a bad rap. People react to the system like it’s a built-in “no-fun feature”. That can be true when talking about factory TC, especially on a rear wheel drive machine…but….with a torquey FWD car, like a GTI. The COBB Custom Traction Control (Traction Slip Target Multiplier) is quite the opposite. Factory traction control is ultimately about safety but COBB’s custom traction control is about going faster. They work completely independently as well. Another way to look at the COBB version is to think of it as an adjustable slip management system. Spinning your tires is fun and easy to do in a turbo FWD car, but too much spin naturally means… not enough go.

Our engineering team worked very hard to implement an elegant system that allows the driver to select one of several different COBB Custom Traction Control slots on the Accessport that each apply a different amount of allowable tire slip by controlling ignition timing based on wheel speed sensor feedback. There are a lot of variables that affect traction and ideal acceleration, like temperature, tire compound, engine power and so on. The ability to quickly adjust slip management to match the situation is an awesome advantage when trying to get the best performance from the car. The default setting is slot1 which has the feature disabled while slot2 corresponds to a 100% reduction in slip.

Flat Foot Shifting

Flat Foot Shifting, also referred to as “No Lift Shift”, enables drivers of manual transmission cars to keep the accelerator pedal 100% planted during shifts when every MPH or tenth of a second is important. This feature helps to minimize shift times and keeps boost from falling off as much between gears. After the appropriate Flat Foot Shift RPM Limit has been dialed in, the ECU will help to hold RPMs at that level when the clutch is depressed.

Burnout Mode

This sub-feature of Launch Control allows users to easily and safely warm up tires at the track. With conditions met, Burnout Mode allows the car to rev beyond the Launch Control Rev Limiter while the non-driven wheels remain below the Wheel Speed Max.  For v101 Off The Shelf Maps, this limit is set to 5000 RPM.  If you are using a custom tune, this RPM can be modified in Accesstuner HL by your Protuner.

Wastegate Adaptation

The MQB platform uses an electronic wastegate on the turbo. It’s relatively common to experience an issue where the car displays a fault code as the result of the wastegate actuator becoming too tight or loose. It happens most commonly when upgrading the turbo, even if using an OEM option like an IS38, but can occur anytime the wastegate is not set properly. If the ECU receives feedback that the wastegate actuator is out of spec, a fault code will be presented. The first step of resolving the issue is to physically adjust the wastegate within the correct range, that can be done by hand with simple tools, but determining if your adjustment put the wastegate back within spec is the tricky part. Once the mechanical adjustment has been made, an adaptation procedure needs to be performed. Normally one would be required to take the car to a dealership or a shop with a factory VW VAG-COM tool (OEM Diagnostic tool) in order to perform the adaptation procedure which ensures the wastegate has adjusted properly and the fault won’t return…BUT NOT ANYMORE….

Now that exact same factory/dealer Wastegate Adaptation procedure can be performed by the Accessport. So no need to make a trip to the dealership or local shop anytime you run into this problem. It can be done in a matter of minutes at home with an Accessport!

Wastegate Adaptation Combo

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    • Hy there! These COBB Custom Features are available when using our Accessport as the tuning solution for the supported vehicles.


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