Volkswagen Mk6 GTI Firmware and OTS Map Update


We recently discovered an issue with COBB Off The Shelf Maps used by USDM Mk6 Volkswagen GTIs.  This issue was only a concern for Accessports using firmware version on an ECU using the CCTA 1K0907115AP ROM type.  On June 5, we issued a statement encouraging users in that scenario to immediately perform a firmware update which reverted firmware and map versions to known-good versions.

The Fix

Today, we are happy to announce that this issue has been completely resolved.  Using Accessport Manager to update your Accessport to firmware version  and updating Off The Shelf Maps to v106 or newer will avoid any concerns.

CLICK HERE to Download Accessport Manager

CLICK HERE for Step-by-Step Firmware Update Instructions

CLICK HERE to Download the latest Off The Shelf Maps


If you have any questions or concerns about this issue, please contact our Customer Service team:

Ph: +1-866-922-3059


Hamad Al Qubaisi on July 21, 2018 says:

I just received my AP for my Mk7 GTi 2015 making sure that it is the exact spec as the AP, however, I tried installing the AP on my GTi, it stated that it is not supported. Which is really frustrating for me as I am living in Dubai. Is there any way that COBB can release an update for my AP. So that it can support my GTi, bearing in my that my car is a GCC spec car which is meant for the middle east. If there is no solution then would I have to return my product? As I really don’t want to.

Hamad Al Qubaisi on July 21, 2018 says:

Completing to my comment above, I have already stored my ECU data and Vehicle information Files and sent it to COBB. I am guessing those are ROMs of my vehicle.

    Adam Hill
    Adam Hill on July 23, 2018 says:


    Thanks for contacting us. As you have already discovered, we do not yet have VW GTI support for cars outside of North America, but we are working on it. I saw your ROM submission and have passed it on to our engineering team. That will certainly help to make sure we have that ROM accounted for when we do release support for the rest of the world.

    Regarding the Accessport you have now. It is possible to return for a refund, but if you would prefer to keep it, we do plan to have support for your car in the not too distant future. We’re happy to help either way.