Volkswagen Mk6 GTI World Market Support


The Accessport, Stage 1 OTS Maps, and Accesstuner Pro are now available for 2009-2013 Volkswagen Golf GTI (MK6) World Market vehicles!


Volkswagen Accessport V3 GTI 2010-2014 USDM, 2009-2013 WM

The COBB Tuning Accessport V3 for Mk6 GTI now supports vehicles world-wide!  A simple firmware update to the already available VLK-001 Accesport will deliver compatibility for 2009-2013 World Market GTIs.  Included in firmware are Stage 1 Off The Shelf Maps which are ideal for vehicles in a factory configuration.  Once additional hard-parts are confirmed, we will add supporting Off The Shelf Maps.



Volkswagen Accesstuner Pro

Volkswagen Accesstuner Pro is also now compatible with 2009-2013 World Market (WM) Volkswagen GTIs that require custom tuning!  Contact your local Protuner to schedule a custom tune.

Volkswagen Hard Parts

At this time, we have verified compatibility of the following COBB products with the 2009-2013 World Market GTI.  Additional products will be added upon verification.



Volkswagen Boost Tap GTI 2010-2014 USDM, 2009-2013 WM



Volkswagen COBB Knob GTI 2010-2014 USDM, 2009-2013 WM


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