VW MK7 – Common Flashing Issues

Flashing your MK7 GTI or Golf R is a simple process that can be done in the comfort of your own garage using the Accessport.  With that said, there are a few minor problems that can occur if you are not careful. Now that the Accessport has been available on the Volkswagen platform for a while, we have started to notice a few trends. Below are a few tips that might keep your blood pressure from spiking while flashing your favorite VW.


Key FOB:

This is very simple. When the Accessport is changing maps, installing, or uninstalling. The ignition has to be in the “On” position (with the engine off) so that many of the systems in the car can communicate with each other. In order for the car to remain in the “On” position, the key is required.  If the car loses track of the key for any reason, it’s essentially the same thing as turning the car to the “Off” position.

  • We highly recommend putting the key in your cupholder. That way you can feel free to start the flash and can’t accidentally walk away with the key still in your pocket. Which will cause the car to interrupt the Accessport mid flash….bad things might happen.
  • Make sure the battery is good. These cars are not very old, but we have run into a few instances of a low or dead battery in the key FOB causing problems with a flash.

Another odd problem that has popped up is the car’s Bluetooth and other accessories indirectly interfering with a flash. Before you begin a flash, turn off all of the car’s accessories and go ahead and disconnect the Bluetooth connection to your phone or other nearby devices until the flash is complete.

OBDII Accessories:

Naturally, the Accessport communicates to the ECU and other necessary modules in the car via the OBDII port. Any other aftermarket accessories or devices that also use the same communication path can potentially cause issues. This usually comes into play in one of two scenarios.

  1. Please do not use an OBDII splitter. We have seen a few people try to plug in two devices at the same time, that’s a bad idea when trying to write data on the ECU.  If you are using an alternative logging device, temporarily disconnect it when flashing with the Accessport.
  2.  If you have other types of aftermarket hardware or software that make use of the communications lines via the OBDII, it is best to remove or uninstall them when attempting to flash the car with the Accessport. Items like an aftermarket alarm, remote start, or logging device can be problematic. It’s typically fine to use them while the car is tuned, but they should be removed or inactive when actually changing the tune.

Tuning the car does not take very long, but it can be tempting to try and multi-task while the Accessport does its job. With all the advanced technology in modern cars, the car responds to just about everything you do around or inside of it. So one general bit of advice is …once you start flashing a map….just don’t do anything.

Opening the door, turning on the A/C, listening to music, etc. can all potentially cause some module in the car to get in the way of what the Accessport is trying to do. So my best advice is to just relax. Roll your windows down before you start. Then once the flash begins, take a couple minutes to meditate, practice your bird calls, or daydream about all the sweet gains your about to make. Whatever you do, make sure you are not in a hurry. Give yourself extra time so you don’t have to worry about making an easily avoidable mistake.

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