2014+ Forester XT – Important Accessport Firmware Update


14 FXT, Liberty WA

SUB-004 Accessport Firmware Update (

The COBB Subaru Expert Group recently pushed out a very important firmware update for 2014+ Forester XT Accessport users.  This update improves the flashing process for vehicles that are equipped with Subaru’s EyeSight technology.  Updates to the flashing process address intermittent issues with Install, Uninstall, and Change Map functions which can potentially cause the ECU to become unresponsive.  This is an issue we have been chasing for a good while and are finally comfortable saying is resolved.  To update firmware, simply download our Accessport Manager software, connect your Accessport to your PC via USB, and let AP Manager check for available updates.  Please ensure to update your Accessport firmware before attempting any additional flashes to the vehicle’s ECU.  In the event that an ECU does become unresponsive, please contact our Customer Support immediately!!

Additional firmware update notes can be found here: https://static.cobbtuning.com/support/releasenotes/AP3-SUB-004.html

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